Natalie Vowell Is Not A Democrat

Earlier this year, Natalie A. Vowell filed as a Democrat for 78th District State Representative in St. Louis City. Not only did Ms. Vowell not meet the requirements to run for the Legislature but she is also not a Democrat.

Ms. Vowell’s Deputy Treasurer is Erik Shelquist, the GOP candidate for City Recorder of Deeds.

Ms. Vowell’s web domain name is owned by Robert Sternberg. He went to court this year to change his name to Robert Vroman, the name he was known under when he was a founder of the Bizarre Free State Project. Upon changing his name, he filed this year as the GOP candidate for 79th District State Representative. And he’s also Ms. Vowell’s boyfriend, former boyfriend, or husband.

Stay with me. We’ll get to more about Ms. Vowell’s Big Fail as a Democrat. But first…

May 23, Ms. Vowell was thrown off the ballot by Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander for failure to meet the requirement of two years as a registered voter in Missouri. Ms. Vowell then secured legal assistance from the Freedom Center of Missouri, run by David and Jenifer Roland. Some may remember Ms. Roland from her time with Rex Sinquefield’s Show Me Institute.

May 21, Ms. Vowell was denied a restraining order against the Secretary of State  by Cole County Circuit Judge Jon E. Beetem. Ms. Vowell is now appealing that decision.

Those of us with a Missouri Scout subscription got some insight into her challenge of the voter registration requirement. According to Ms. Vowell, she did not register to vote as a protest. Fight the Power: Don’t Register to Vote!

According to a statement published in the Missouri Scout’s Tuesday Daily Update, Ms. Vowell has been a St. Louis City resident since July 2010 but “despite her interest in politics” “has also long been frustrated with an electoral process she felt was dominated by entrenched interests and stacked against ordinary citizens. She has protested that broken system since 2004 by choosing not to vote or update her voter registration information.

So why did she finally register to vote in July 2013? According to Ms. Vowell, she was encouraged by friends and colleagues to “improve the system by running for office herself.” Fact is, however, before Ms. Vowell decided to run for office, she was hounding Sam Cummings to run, again, for the 78th District seat.


Let’s look at Ms. Vowell’s so-called protest record.

On November 2, 2010, Ms. Vowell did not support Democrats Robin Carnahan for U.S. Senate or incumbent State Auditor Susan Montee. She also was unable to decide Yes or No on Statewide and City Ballot Issues: Constitutional Amendment #1 to require election of Assessor in charter counties, Constitutional Amendment #2 to exempt disabled POWs from property taxes, Constitutional Amendment #3 to prohibit real estate transfer taxes in Missouri, Prop A to eliminate STL City and KC earnings taxes or require approval vote every 5 years, Prop B establishing crime of puppy mill cruelty and regulation of large scale dog breeding, City Prop F to raise City’s maximum fines, and City Prop L, the preferential vote on local control of St. Louis Police Dept.

April 5, 2011, Ms. Vowell could not bring herself to vote Yes or No on continuing St. Louis City earnings tax for another five years.

February 7, 2012, Ms. Vowell did not support the re-election of President Barack Obama in Missouri’s Presidential Preference Primary.

March 29, 2012, Ms. Vowell did not participate in Democratic Party Caucus for Delegate Selection.

June 5, 2012, Ms. Vowell could not be bothered with voting on City Ballot Issues relating to Metropolitan Sewer District: Prop Y, a bond issue, and Props 1-8, eight amendments to MSD’s charter.

August 7, 2012, Ms. Vowell did not like her Democratic Party choices in contested races for 1st District U.S. House (Lacy Clay vs. Russ Carnahan), 5th District Senate (Robin Wright-Jones, Jamilah Nasheed, Jeanette Mott-Oxford), 78th District State Rep. (Penny Hubbard, Ruth Ehresmann, Samuel Cummings), City Sheriff (Jim Murphy vs. Vernon Betts), City Treasurer (Fred Wessels, Brian Wahby, Tishaura Jones, Jeffrey Boyd), and could not bring herself to vote Yes or No on Constitutional Amendment 2 relating to school prayer.

Yes. In August 2012, she did not bother to vote for the same candidate for Missouri House that she later tried to recruit in 2013- Sam Cummings.

November 6, 2012, Ms. Vowell failed to support Democrats, including re-election of President Barack Obama and U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill, and election of Jason Kander as Secretary of State or Susan Montee as Lt. Governor. She could not be bothered with voting Yes or No on Constitutional Amendment 3 relating to Missouri NonPartisan Court Plan, Prop A on local control of St. Louis Police Dept., Prop B to increase Missouri tobacco tax, Prop E, a GOP anti-Obamacare measure, and City Prop R to reduce the number of wards and aldermen from 28 to 14.

Ms. Vowell did not research her election choices very well because the November 6 ballot also featured GOP candidate Robert Sternberg running against incumbent Sheriff Jim Murphy. The following year, Vowell and Sternberg met online and became engaged.

March 5, 2013, Ms. Vowell did not like her choices for Mayor: Francis Slay, Jimmie Matthews, or Lewis Reed. It’s all quite odd given how much she likes the Board President now. That’s Ms. Vowell across from President Reed.


April 2, 2013, Ms. Vowell could not bring herself to vote Yes or No on Prop P for a sales tax increase to fund Arch, parks, and trails.

Ms. Vowell has failed to support any Democrats at the polls since moving here. We are to believe that not a single Democrat was worthy of her vote. If she decides to run again, St. Louis Democratic City Central Committee should refuse to accept her filing fee.

Ms. Vowell failed to register to vote and contribute to the democratic process on important ballot issues.

She hasn’t been protesting. She just screwed up.

That’s my view from The Great State of St. Louis.

Marie Ceselski

6 thoughts on “Natalie Vowell Is Not A Democrat

  1. I recently met ms. Vowell. She seemed to show doubt in the wisdom of obamacare. I asked her about if she thought medicare or social security were good ideas, since they are bedrock democratic policies. She hedged a bit. Strangely, a skinhead friend of hers at the bar continued to call me a moron for admiring these “unconstitional” programs. He was very rude and I asked him to leave.

    Natalie hedged. She didn’t do enough to distance herself or apologize for his rudeness. Penny Hubbard has been a disaster and is everything wrong with Democrats from city districts, but Vowell’s lack of record and republican ties makes me think we should go with the devil we know in this case…I got a very badvibe from Natalie…

    • Thanks for the comment. Natalie Vowell launched her political career by hanging out with young Tea Partyers at GOP Lincoln Days. That sealed the deal for me on her party affiliations.- Marie Ceselski

  2. I probably lost a friend over my exchange with her. But I was as cordial as possible. Natalie isn’t a bad person but after the Keith English debacle, we can’t afford to have ONE more Democrat in the General Assembly who will vote with the Republicans on their regressive agenda. Natalie may very well have been a libertarian/tea party supporter who had a legitimate conversion. She may have never been on that side of the ideological spectrum, but with her “stealth” background, it just isn’t feasible to support her.

    Ronald Reagan is famous for having a change of conviction, and who is to say Natalie hasn’t. I am sure she is a good person. It’s nothing personal, Natalie. It’s just business. Spend more time at party functions, wait your turn, and you can make it happen.

  3. I appreciate your comments. My take is she hasn’t converted, she’s not a Democrat. She’s not the first candidate to run under the wrong party label here. David Gordan, also a Tea Party Republican, ran as the Green Party candidate for 7th Ward Alderman. Most media blew off his candidacy because, well, Green Party means not competitive in St. Louis City. He ended up dumping personal money into campaign, forced alderwoman to raise and spend money, but there was never any real debate on the issues because everyone said, Green Party, who cares. On Election Day, he acknowledged at my polling place to me that he was really a Tea Party Republican.

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