Former Recorder Sharon Carpenter broke many laws

I am, by day, a public records archivist. I worked for Sharon Carpenter. I represent myself here, not Carpenter, not my current employer, not anyone else.

Have I shared information on illegal activity by my former employer Sharon Carpenter with others- elected officials, Democratic Committeepersons, including Recorder candidate Ed McFowland, and Media- over the past two years? Yes.

Am I the only person to talk about Carpenter’s misdeeds? No. Other current and former Recorder employees and other City department employees have also done the unthinkable- talked.

Did Sharon Carpenter smoke cigarettes in her Recorder Office in violation of City Code Chapter 11.32? Yes. I have personally seen her smoking inside her City Hall office.

Her smoke also entered my workspace from the radiator system and because she would light up without shutting her door. Sometimes, if I knew she was coming to the office, I would try and schedule a vacation day. If I was at the office when she was chain smoking for hours, next day I often had to use a sick day because of the sinus headache she had given me.

Did I, other employees, and customers report the smoking to Citizens Service Bureau and City Marshals? Yes.

Did Sharon Carpenter come to her City Hall office an average of 3 days a week last year? No. Some weeks she did not come in at all. Some weeks 1-2 days. Only occasionally did she come to work 3 days. This is an issue because of the mileage she declared on her city car for IRS purposes.

Did Sharon Carpenter use the resources of the Recorder’s Office- phones, printers, fax machine, computers, staff labor, postage, stationary- for political purposes throughout the past three and a half years? Yes.

Former Missouri Attorney General William Webster did prison time for using State copiers and phones.

Is there more? Yes.

We were told over and over again at the office, it’s not a problem if no one talks about it.

On the day she resigned, we were told that the “disloyal” persons spreading the “misinformation” would be found out.

She still does not get that she has done wrong.

Marie Ceselski
7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman


9 thoughts on “Former Recorder Sharon Carpenter broke many laws

  1. Marie, I am sad that you are so very unhappy and that you are putting so much energy into being negative. Nothing that you share reflects well on you and that you lack insight into how you are viewed and experienced by others is also sad. Simply remember that happy people don’t go around making other people unhappy. You are not raining on my parade.

  2. Just so we’re clear on where you stand…

    You support ignoring the City’s Anti-Smoking Laws and endangering the health of City employees and customers, and taxpayers footing the bill on lawsuits in the future as a result of Sharon Carpenter’s selfish behavior.

    You support paying Sharon Carpenter to show up for work occasionally and telling the IRS she was there more often.

    You support long term use of City equipment and employees by Sharon Carpenter for campaign purposes.


    If not, please feel free to explain otherwise.

  3. Did she come to work and “chainsmoke” or was she not there you can’t do both. Where are you located in the office that you would know these things. What proof do you have? Do you have taped phone conversations? Do you have video? To nake vlaims of this nature there must be some physical evidence of some kind. Or is this just another political game played by people who have there own agenda? What is your agenda? Sharon Carpenter resigned office whatmore do you want? Are you trying to up your own political profile? Since she is out office what is your motive.

    • On the few occasions Sharon Carpenter came to the office, she chain smoked. On some of these days, I was personally inside her office and saw her smoking. On some other days, I was in my office and smelled her smoke.

      My office is two doors north of Sharon Carpenter’s former private office within the City Hall Room 126 section. There is a shared radiator system.

      When and if the time comes, Recorder employees, former Recorder employees, customers, and elected officials will willingly or unwillingly testify in court regarding Sharon Carpenter’s smoking at City Hall.

      My personal agenda for two years has been to get a smoke-free Recorder of Deeds office. Mission accomplished. Regardless of the August 5th Primary, Sharon Carpenter is not coming back to be Recorder of Deeds. The office is healthier for it.

      True. Sharon Carpenter resigned. But she remains on the August 5th ballot. She is the only candidate with any funds to do a large scale mailing or lit drop. It will likely be a very negative one. She may very likely, and unfortunately for the Democratic Party, get the nomination because most voters do not know that she resigned in disgrace.

      It should be painfully obvious that I have zero personal political ambition or future.

      I have accomplished my personal goal of getting the office smoke free. My goal as a Democratic Committeewoman is to share information of use to Democrats before they go to the polls August 5th.

      Marie Ceselski
      7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

      • This is all well written but a radiator does not move air, a radiator is heated by water and has no openings, that being sia a raditor also usually is olny big enough for the room it is in. I have ot seen this particular one but they normally don’t cross between walls. Maby you mean ventilation system and again if you are 2 doors down that would mean you have at least 2 if not 3 walls between you again wall vents maopen to the office next door but since you are not directly next door with no shared walls as it sounds your wall vents would not connect. If you have shared floor vents usually smoke rises and woul not vome through the floor. I am not a smoker nor do I condone smoking in places banned by law but if what you are saying is true the most likely would be you sat in the ofgice while she smoked. Do you have video evidence of copiers being used or conversation taking place in the office of political nature? This would help in making a decision in election. I hardly believe that hiring a kid for summer work as has been stated is so terribly wrong considering mostof the employees in city hall are related or know someone.

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