Sharon Carpenter’s Taxpayer Funded Campaign Mailings

In her August 14, 2014, interview with St. Louis Public Radio‘s Jo Mannies and Jason Rosenbaum, Sharon Quigley Carpenter denied using Recorder of Deeds staff and materials for campaign purposes. She said that she had bought a computer, printer, and supplies for the campaign and they were at a volunteer’s house.

Apparently, Carpenter has no room at her home to create campaign materials or “store” them.

sqcprojectsmemo23rdwardmemoThe “volunteer” allegedly produced a 23rd Ward Meeting Notice that looks a lot like a Recorder Office Memo.

The “volunteer” allegedly produced mailing labels for Carpenter’s annual fundraiser invitation without Carpenter for Recorder reporting the purchase of labels, or in-kind donation of same, from 2007 to present. But don’t believe it when Recorder Staff tell you that the labels were purchased by taxpayers as office supplies for the Recorder’s Office.

The “volunteer” allegedly produced these mailings without the campaign reporting the purchase of postage, or little postage, or in-kind donation of same, in most years. According to Carpenter for Recorder reports:

2014 Fundraiser1: $503.46 Printing & $49.00 Postage
2014 Fundraiser2: $358.64 Printing $0 Postage (a later report shows $19.60 in postage not attributed to a fundraiser)
2013 Fundraiser: $162.74 Printing & $38.00 Postage
2012 Fundraiser: $336.00 Printing & $400.00 Postage
2011 Fundraiser: $162.74 Printing & $0 Postage
2010 Fundraiser: $162.36 Printing & $0 Postage
2009 Fundraiser: $162.36 Printing & $0 Postage
2008 Fundraiser: $161.61 Printing & $0 Postage
2007 Fundraiser: $161.61 Printing & $82.00 Postage

But don’t believe it when Recorder Staff tell you that taxpayers paid for the postage and that Recorder Office stamps were used.

As for the computer, printer, and printer supplies for the campaign, they also do not show up as having been purchased by Carpenter for Recorder or the 23rd Ward Democratic Organization, or donated in-kind to either, between 2007 to present.

But don’t believe it when Recorder Staff tell you that taxpayers have been footing the bill for her campaign headquarters at City Hall for years.

You might be wondering why 2007? Why only look at campaign finance reports for 2007 to Present? In 1996, Carpenter for Recorder did indeed purchase a computer and printer at  a volunteer’s house. It was with me from 1996-2007. Around 2003, it became useless. In 2007, I wiped the drive clean and gave it to a young man who worked at the office.

– Marie Ceselski


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