Sharon Carpenter Is Not A Progressive

Some people think Sharon Quigley Carpenter, former St. Louis City Recorder of Deeds, is a Liberal or a Progressive because of her issuance of four marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. She’s not.

Sharon Quigley Carpenter Believes Open Carry Could Be Good For The Economy: In 2003, when the Missouri General Assembly legalized  concealed weapons, was when Carpenter first said that the problem was the “concealed” part. She said that if people were going to carry guns, it should be done in the open.

Carpenter believed “open carry” would be an opportunity. St. Louis City could be become the Fashion Capitol of Holsters and other open carry accessories.

Carpenter brought this up in conversations with me on at least four occasions between 2003 and 2013. Recorder employees had buried loved ones, including young ones, killed by guns. It was, by my thinking, so inappropriate to joke about enabling more guns in St. Louis.

Sharon Quigley Carpenter Supports Exemptions From Obamacare Contraceptive Mandates. In August 2011, Carpenter responded to news of contraceptive mandates for the Affordable Care Act by drafting a letter to U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill. I was in her private office for about twenty minutes while she was drafting it on a legal pad. She was very emotional and said she would leave the Democratic Party if religious exemptions were not authorized. The letter was typed by another staffer. I do not know if it was mailed.

St. Louis City Hall's Joplin Tornado Relief Efforts_Page_1Sharon Quigley Carpenter Took Funds Raised By Her Employees For Joplin Tornado Relief And Gave It To A Pro-Life Organization: In 2011, following the devastating tornado in Joplin, Recorder employees began raising funds and collecting supplies for survivors. The relief efforts of College Heights Christian Church and Children’s Haven of Southwest Missouri were the designated charities. But, in Carpenter’s mind, funds raised by her employees belonged to her. Later, we found out that some of the money had been given to LifeChoices, a “crisis pregnancy” center. This led to some of us only writing checks for office charity drives instead of giving cash.

As for her history on marriage equality, see Sharon Carpenter Is Not The Patron Saint Of Marriage Equality.

– Marie Ceselski


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