This was 1 am this morning’s apocalyptic prediction regarding the special legislative session called by Governor Jay Nixon plus Rex Sinquefield’s evil plot to get rid of St. Louis City’s earnings tax. But when I got home from work today, I discovered that the funding we desperately needed to continue National Guard and Highway Patrol presence in St. Louis area was already in place, and there was no reason for the Governor to have called the General Assembly into special session.

It is hard to write about state matters when it appears your Governor has lost his marbles or has just given up trying. Soldiering on, I have copied the post that was here to recycle the Sinquefield content in a new post tonight and use the legislative session content later next year.

I do apologize for being incorrect about the doom and gloom of a nonexistent special session.  I should have known that the Governor was going to continue his quest for the Extra Super Fail Trophy. Thank you for caring.

— Marie Ceselski


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