7th Ward Alderman Vacancy

I am deeply sad for the ward that 7th Ward Alderwoman Phyllis Young is retiring, but happy for her. It was not actually news. I have known she wanted to retire for years and, yet, it was hard to hear the words. She wanted to retire and finally did.

No one can replace Phyllis. There will be a primary and general election. Someone will be elected the new 7th Ward Alderman or Alderwoman. But no one can replace her. Her legacy is overwhelming. I do not think most people will truly appreciate how much she did for the 7th Ward and the City of St. Louis until after December 12th when she is no longer the alderwoman.

Alderwoman Young and 7th Ward Committeeman Brian Wahby have endorsed a candidate for the position.

As 7th Ward Committeewoman, I have made no endorsement in the 7th Ward or President of Board of Aldermen race. Neither has 7th Ward Independent Democrats.  We look forward to robust debate.

I am 1,000,000,000,000,000% sure that I am not running for 7th Ward Alderman. You may quote me on that.

7th Ward Independent Democrats will hold a Spring Election Democratic Primary Candidate Forum at 7 pm Monday, January 19 at Lafayette Park United Methodist Church, 2300 Lafayette Avenue. We will hear from Democratic candidates for 7th Ward Alderman as well as candidates for President of the Board of Aldermen. The event is open to the public. Format for this event will be determined by the number of candidates who file.

Candidates who file in the Democratic Primary but we determine are not really Democrats will not be invited to participate. I have already heard from one Republican wanting to run as a Democrat. Consider this the warning.

Alderman Qualifications…
Registered Voter: Yes
Age: At least 25 years
Citizenship: At least 5 years
St. Louis City Residency: At least 3 years
Ward Residency: At least 1 year

To run in the Democratic Primary for 7th Ward Alderman…

Membership in 7th Ward Independent Democrats is open to Democrats registered to vote in the 7th Ward. Voting rights are weighted/proportional. You must have participated in two 7th Ward Independent Democrat events before voting rights are activated.  The more active you are, the more votes you get.

We also offer a 7th Ward Neighbor Membership to Democrats registered to vote outside the 7th Ward but within Benton Park, Downtown/Downtown West, and Fox Park. Neighbor members may not vote on 7th Ward specific endorsements- such as alderman- but may vote on other endorsements.

7th Ward Independent Democrats Membership Information

Enter your address here to find out which ward you live in.

Click here to download a Voter Registration Application.

7th Ward Independent Democrats events for December-January include:

  • 7 pm Monday, December 15 – Free – 7th Ward Marijuana Legalization Debate, Lafayette Park United Methodist Church, 2300 Lafayette (Lafayette Square).
  • 7 pm Wednesday, December 17 – Free/Cash Bar-Food – STL Birthday Trivia Happy Hour (STL political and colonial history), Sassy JAC’s, 1730 S 8th (Soulard). This is also a Drinking Liberally St. Louis event.
  • 7 pm Monday, January 19 – Free – 7th Ward Spring Elections Forum, Lafayette Park United Methodist Church, 2300 Lafayette (Lafayette Square).
  • January 20 or 27th – Free/Cash Bar-Food & Purchase Raffle Tickets – 3rd Annual State of the Union Watch Party & Raffle to Benefit The Bridge, Sassy JAC’s, 1730 S 8th (Soulard).

Coming up in February, 7th Ward Independent Democrats will 1) vote on endorsements (if we didn’t do that in January) for- alderman, Board President, and probably also whether we’re endorsing, opposing, or taking no position on the Show Me Cannabis initiative petition; 2) participate in the Mardi Gras Barkus Parade with our 2nd Annual 7th Ward Krewe of Mr. Pony Float and Party; and 3) canvas the ward for our endorsed candidates.

If you have any questions, call me at 436-5311.

-Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

2 thoughts on “7th Ward Alderman Vacancy

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