Does The 7th Ward Need A Full-Time Alderman?

The recent 7th Ward Independent Democrats 7th Ward Alderman Candidate Survey asked the following question and received the following answers relating to work in addition to serving as alderman.

A9) Do you plan on working in a paid or volunteer position requiring 20 hours or more a week or running a business in addition to serving as alderman? If yes, please explain. (25 words or less)

John (Jack) Coatar: Yes, I plan on practicing law in addition to being an Alderman.

Chelsea Merta: I will work 56 plus hours a week as a full-time alderwoman and occasionally do some pro bono legal work for nonprofits.

Samuel J. Cummings, III: Yes, I believe politicians should have real jobs. Politicians who live solely on the taxpayers dime put personal careers over people’s interest.

Tell me what you think on this issue. Your answer should be specific to the 7th Ward. The Poll will be open until 5 pm Thursday and I will post results that evening.

7 thoughts on “Does The 7th Ward Need A Full-Time Alderman?

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  2. I don’t want my alderperson to do this job in their spare time. I think 56 hours a week is excessive, but it is way better than a few hours here or there as an after thought.

  3. I’m okay with an Alderman having other endeavors, be it for pay or not. I’d like the Alderman to have a free-form “endeavor” that doesn’t conflict with scheduled meetings of the board and maintaining some sort of regular office hours to meet with constituents, perhaps by appointment only, and permits the Alderman to attend many neighborhood membership meetings. The Alderman will need time (including travel) to meet with or call other City departments, the NSO, business people, developers, and manage other situations as the present themselves. The 7th ward encompass a LOT of really major corporations and developments that the Alderman is expected to “ride herd on”, and will need time for communications. In addition, there is *training* that a successful leader needs, and there must be time for that, at least in the beginning, and time to keep up with current events and be involved in that.

    The job, as it has been done in the past, can be a grueling one that may require many hours sometimes, and few at other times. Necessary flexibility with hours (and days) limits the successful candidate’s time and schedule to the point that it would be difficult to have a “second job”, but I suppose it would be possible. Look at the picture above. That’s only about HALF of the 7th ward. It requires more that a part-time Alderman.

  4. Were it not for this darn election, I would have finished my brilliant manifesto for our secession from Misery to create The Great State of St. Louis: Saint Louis City and any County political subdivisions that want to join us. It’s my belief that it would be easier to for us to start over without the Misery baggage than try and fix our way out of all the messes. And we get Two U.S. Senators!- Marie

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