Just Say No To More Parking Stress in Soulard

Monday’s Preservation Board Agenda includes a Demolition request for 2403-2415 S 7th & 721 Victor in Soulard to construct a 5-story Apartment Building with 118 Units and 89 on-site parking spaces.

This location is adjacent Polar Wave Lofts, a redevelopment offering two on-site parking spaces per unit.

By my calculation, the proposal is at least a 70 parking spaces short. On the average, each apartment will have one car and a third of the apartments, or more, will have a second car.

Current residents of the area already share street parking with South Broadway Athletic Club at 2301 S 7th, D’s Place at 900 Barton, Good Luck Bar & Grill at 2501 S 9th, and Humboldt School at 2516 S 9th.

This development proposal for a 118-Unit apartment building without adequate parking will place additional burden on current residents of the area already accommodating a heavy mix of business within a residential neighborhood. The demolition permit should be denied and the developer asked to reapply with more adequate on-site parking.

– Marie Ceselski

How Prince Saved A Wedding Reception

prince-1999My first gay wedding and reception was in a union hall. Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” played as the grooms came down the aisle. The Family was not pleased by the music. A Metropolitan Community Church pastor performed the ceremony. The Family did not think the minister was a real minister. One of the grooms cried the entire service. Allergies.

We could not wait to get to the party part. But…

The grooms’ factory worker colleagues sat to one side. Pretty sure free beer is what really brought them.

The Gays claimed the buffet as their territory. A loud argument broke out about how many pieces of fried chicken one should take during the first pass at a buffet. The Family was insulted because they misheard the commotion and thought people were unhappy with the chicken.

The Gays sent an ambassador to The Family, which huddled in a corner, probably discussing chicken, to make small talk and try to lure them out. This was a disaster. Compliments regarding a handbag resulted in Female Family members clutching purses to their bosoms, apparently equating said purse compliment with purse envy and possibly a purse snatching.

No one was mingling. It was turning into the worst party ever. We, the less than happy couple and close friends, left to smoke weed on the parking lot.

Then, a miracle happened. The DJ played Prince’s “1999.” Dancing commenced. Some of the most hilarious, joyful, I don’t care how ridiculous I look, dancing that I have ever seen happened at that party.

Everyone danced. The sour-faced Grandma danced and was sour-faced no more. Then guests started talking with one another, and getting each other drinks and food, and more dancing, and no one cared anymore about much other than having a good time.

“1999” played many times at that party. The rule was, when “1999” came on, everyone had to dance. If you did not get up from your chair, someone came and dragged you to the dance floor.

The location was Joplin, Missouri. The couple worked for a company that provided domestic partner benefits because their union negotiated for it. It was 1983. Yes. 1983.

The couple was not legally married on that day. When same sex marriage became legal in Missouri, they did get a license and have a civil ceremony. But their wedding day was the day everyone danced together to the music of Prince.

RIP Prince.

— Marie Ceselski

Mo Democrats Delegate Selection Meetings Still A Secret

It is the Tuesday night before Thursday night Missouri Democratic Party Delegate Selection Ward/Township/County Meetings. MDP still has not published, as promised, the Meeting Locations and Sanders-Clinton Delegate Apportionment per ward/township/county.

Our St. Louis City Democratic Central Committee Chair emailed me a copy of the ward meeting locations.

Those of us who attended a Delegate Selection Training Meeting were finally emailed a list of the per ward delegate apportionment by MDP on Monday. As in, yesterday

7th Ward Independent Democrats has published the St. Louis City Democratic Party Ward Delegate Selection Meeting Locations, delegate apportionment, and other delegate selection information on our blog. I do not believe there is anywhere else you can find this information online. That’s absurd. Both MDP and every county Central Committee should have it posted on a website or blog or Facebook page.

Previous post on this issue.

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

Vote No On Proposition 1

Take a stand against the unethical campaign by St. Louis Public School District’s Special Administrative Board. Vote No on Proposition 1.

Don’t Support Taxation Without Representation. Vote No on Proposition 1.

Don’t Trust the St. Louis Public School District’s Special Administrative Board to spend more of your tax dollars. Vote No on Proposition 1.


Numerous complaints have been filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission (by 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman Marie Ceselski, 15th Ward Democratic Committeewoman Missy Pinkerton McDaniel, possibly others) regarding violations of campaign finance and election laws by the St. Louis Public Schools District and its Special Administrative Board.

  • SLPS/SAB has used school district funds and resources to support the property tax increase campaign.
  • SLPS/SAB has failed to properly report expenditures made on behalf of the campaign and properly report who paid for campaign expenditures.


Even after the SAB was informed of those two complaints and more, it continues to spend public funds on the campaign. Voters received several mailers identified as paid for by the SLPS but “for informational and educational purposes” and “not intended to advocate, support, or oppose Proposition 1.” In reality, they were advocacy pieces. If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it’s a duck.

SLPS continues to use staff and resources, including its website to push for passage of Proposition 1.

Under normal circumstances, MEC would have already rendered a judgment against SLPS/SAB. Unfortunately for taxpayers and voters across Missouri, the terms of three of six members of MEC expired March 15 and there is no quorum to conduct business.

“Tuesday’s municipal elections across Missouri are being conducted in an ethics-free zone,” wrote Tony Messenger in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

A vote against Proposition 1 is a vote against an unethical campaign that may never be held accountable because of a massive system failure.

The voters of St. Louis City elect a Board of Education to govern the St. Louis Public Schools (SLPS). Our elected school board, however, has no power over policy or budget of the SLPS.

Instead, SLPS is currently governed by a three member Special Administrative Board appointed by the Governor, St. Louis City Mayor, and City Board of Aldermen President. The SAB is not accountable to voters. Voters had no say in the change and cannot undo it.

This year the SLPS qualified for full accreditation, the first step toward returning control of our schools back to our elected board. The Missouri School Board, however, trusts the SAB more than an elected board to run things and in January extended the stay of the SAB by at least three years.

Your vote against Proposition 1 is a vote against taxation without representation.

The ballot issue says the proposed new revenue would be spent, in part, on “competitive salaries” for “teachers and staff.” Staff could very well mean administrators, more people with fancy titles. Staff could mean hiring someone to run another unethical campaign, maybe next time a slate of candidates for school board.

Your vote against Proposition 1 is a No Confidence Vote against the Special Administrative Board.

Do our public schools need more money? Yes.

Are there people we respect that support Proposition 1? Yes.

Are either reason enough to vote for it. No.

Please join 7th Ward Independent Democrats and 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman Marie Ceselski and Vote No on Proposition 1 this Tuesday, April 5th.

Democratic Party Delegate Selection Meeting Info Still A Big Secret

We were told that the locations for Thursday’s Delegate Selection Caucuses/Mass Meetings would be posted on the MDP website.

We were told that the per ward/township/county delegate apportionment per candidate for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton would be posted on the MDP website.

Delegate Selection is four days away and those promises have not been fulfilled.

mdpformInstead, if you go to the MDP website and click on 2016 Delegate Selection, then click on Find Your April 7 Mass Meeting Location, you end up with an online form.

It’s just a way for MDP to collect your name and email address so they can spam you with fundraising requests.

When I used the online form, MDP sent me a list of possible locations 240 miles away in Independence, Missouri.


The only way for you to find out the location of your Thursday Democratic Party caucus/mass meeting is to A) have seen your local meeting notice in the classifieds of a local newspaper; B) belong to an organization, or find an organization/person, more helpful than MDP (for example,  7th Ward Independent Democrats posted the locations for St. Louis City wards online  last weekend).

As for apportionment of delegates to be selected Thursday- delegates/alternates per Bernie Sanders and Clinton- MDP has given that information to the person running each meeting and feels no obligation to make it public.

There is no way to verify anything related to Delegate Selection.

The Missouri Democratic Party is in a shambles. Chairman Roy Temple needs to resign, resign as in yesterday.

Previously on this topic.

– Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman