You Should Go To Saturday’s Closed STL City Democratic Party Meeting

365px-DemocratslogoAs a follow up to STL City Democratic Party Needs Open Meetings, which provides some history and facts on the subject, there is a secret breakfast meeting of the St. Louis Democratic City Central Committee at 9 am Saturday (May 7th) at Humphrey’s, 3700 Laclede. You should go. Candidates. Media. Activists. You should all go. Or at least try. My theory is that maybe you can embarrass the group into opening up these meetings.

The Agenda includes

  • New Committee Members Nominations
  • Beer & Pretzel Party Committee Report
  • Web Site Committee Report
  • Upcoming August Election
  • Open Topics

I see nothing on that list that should be done in secret.

Filling vacancies on Central Committee should be done in the open. Central Committee serves as the Primary for nominating candidates for special elections to fill vacancies for aldermen, state representatives, and state senators. Primary Elections are not private and neither should be filling vacancies.

For those unfamiliar with the filling of Central Committee vacancies locally, anyone appointed prior to the August Primary will run with the words “re-elect” or similar.

If there is some secret involving a fundraiser for Central Committee, I want no part of it. The raising and spending of money must be transparent.

The website for Central Committee should have been one person’s job, not assigned to a committee. Being web master for an organization is a thankless enough task, making it the responsibility of a group is cruel. Some of us have discussed creating an Unofficial St. Louis Democratic City Central City website/blog if this Website By Committee does not work out soon.

I cannot imagine what we would possibly want to keep secret about the August Election. It’s a Primary. Central Committee should be making no endorsements, showing no favoritism to any candidates. It’s a Primary, not a coronation. Central Committee should have sponsored a statewide candidates forum. But I’m a sucker for enabling Democratic voters with choices.

I would imagine that from time to time there might be something that Central Committee might wish to address in private. We can always do what other county Central Committees do, meet in executive session before or after a public meeting. But we can and should invite you, the public, to our meetings, like most Central Committees. We can and should invite your participation and transparency.

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman


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