Remove Your Name From Sinquefield-Nasheed Police Body Cam Scam Petition With This Affidavit

Affid To Withdraw Signature fr Init. Petn (8-15-16)

Late today, I received this form that the Board of Elections has drafted for voters to remove their names from the petition that allegedly would fund police body cameras. You need to have your signature notarized and the affidavit has to be delivered to the Board of Elections, 300 N Tucker, St. Louis MO 63101. If you have questions about removing your name, please call Election Director Gary Stoff 314-622-4239.

You need to hurry because Mr. Stoff says the petitions may be delivered to Board of Aldermen on Thursday, this Thursday, August 18th.

Previous post from Election Day when this controversy started.

I am also urging you to contact State Senator Jamilah Nasheed, a sponsor of this proposal, and ask her to stop the ballot initiative. As you can see from this story, she is an important player on this issue.

 You can contact Senator Nasheed at
(314) 409-5730,

Make Saint Louis Safe is the campaign committee name. It filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission today and the filing says this would be on the November 8th Ballot. Rex Sinquefield has transferred $25,000 from one of this others PACs to the new organization. Lots more to follow.

It’s important to note that none of Sinquefield’s organizaitons, Senator Nasheed, or the consultants working for this proposal has produced evidence of where the alleged $1 Million in savings by moving the Recorder of Deeds services to Assessor’s office comes from. There is a constitutional provision that says if the Recorder’s office is merged with another office, the employees don’t lose their jobs.


So the cost savings comes from where?

-Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman


UPDATED: Just Say No To Rex Sinquefield’s Body Cam Funding Scam

Update: A number of voters are having buyer’s remorse after signing the petition. I am presently looking into how voters may remove their names from the petition.

Many of you are being asked today at the polls to sign a petition to fund police body cams. It’s actually a petition to transfer the Recorder of Deeds Office, an elected position, to Assessor Office, a mayoral appointee.

The cost savings from transferring Recorder to Assessor is imaginary, made up, the bright shiny object to lure you to sign the petition. $1 Million cost savings by cutting staff from a Personnel Budget of $2.5 Million? Give me a break.

Does firing the front office and all supervisors, which is what it would take to hit that $1 Million cost savings, everyone who keeps the office in compliance with state law/policy on recording deeds, issuing marriage licenses, issuing birth and death certificate copies, preserving historic records, recording military discharges, does that sound like a good idea to you?

I can tell you what happens when managers of a Recorder’s Office leave en masse. It happened in Jackson County in the 1990’s. Everyone walked out when someone totally unqualified for the job was appointed and had ideas on how to do things differently. The result was a nuclear meltdown with no deeds recorded, no marriage licences issued, no copies made, mail was not processed, no checks deposited. It went on for weeks until the title companies went to the media, a new qualified Recorder was appointed, and staff returned. It was the St. Louis City Recorder’s office and other elected Recorder offices that went to Jackson County to help clean up their mess.

The Assessor and Recorder have two very different jobs. The Assessor and Recorder have one thing in common, only one- transfer of title on real estate. That’s it. The Assessor’s office has zero experience in 75% of what the Recorder’s office does.

Missouri has 115 Counties counting the City of St. Louis. All 115 Counties have a Recorder of Deeds. None have an Assessor who performs Recorder duties. The only place I know of with Recorder-Assessor offices is the State of California.

113 Missouri Counties have elected Recorders of Deeds. Most Recorders/Registers of Deeds in the United States are elected. It is seen as an office that needs to be independent of the county’s executive office/commission.

Only two counties in Missouri have appointed Assessors- St. Louis City and Jackson County. St. Louis County had an appointed Assessor and voted to change its charter and elect the Assessor.

Making the Recorder a mayoral appointee is a discussion that has previously taken place at the Board of Aldermen and can take place again, a thorough vetting of the idea and, if it makes sense to our elected representative, sending that charter change to the voters. But that’s not what is going on here. A billionaire is buying a ballot issue for the Assessor to absorb the functions of another office that it has little in common.

There are other places to find money for body cams if the Board of Aldermen is in agreement that it should be a funding priority. As example, if city elections for Mayor/Comptroller/aldermen were moved from March and April elections to August and November state elections, the City Budget would be saved $500,000. We can do that by charter amendment. The Board of Aldermen can put that on the ballot. Not only would it reduce election costs but it would also increase turnout for municipal races.

Disclosure: I am a city employee who works at the Recorder of Deeds Office. I am an archivist who perform records conservation and preservation services, not a manager. I speak only for myself here as the 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman and do not represent the Recorder or City of St. Louis. I have not discussed this matter with the Recorder or any Recorder employee. I had my job for nearly 20 years before I was elected a committeewoman, did not become committeewoman because of my job, did not get my job because I am a committeewoman. I have scheduled vacations days for all election days. I do not write this on taxpayer time. I have an ongoing beef with Rex Sinquefield’s attempts to legally buy elections. His main goal for St. Louis is to force it to re-enter St. Louis County as a means to eliminate the city’s earnings tax.- Marie Ceselski