Vote No On Prop 2 Use Tax for Soccer Stadium


Enabling Legislation (for the ballot): Board Bill 226

Companion Legislation Financing Statement (not on ballot): Board Bill 290

Prop 2 is a Use Tax* to be dedicated to building a soccer stadium.

Say NO to spending the Use Tax on corporate welfare instead of public services.

Say NO to a deal that we don’t know how much it will actually cost. There is NO agreement between City and MoDOT for free or cheap land for the project.

Say NO to a deal heavily promoted via its companion¬†Finance Statement (Board Bill 290) — which may be amended by Board of Aldermen. What you see in the campaign literature may not be what you get.

Say NO to the City owning a third stadium we cannot afford. Bills are coming due on The Dome and Scottrade and the City faces a $20M budget deficit on public services.

Say NO to pie in the sky economic benefit projections.

Say NO to a Community Betterment Agreement did not involve community input.

Say NO to a major project without regional shared responsibility.

*Prop 2 Use Tax is connected to Prop 1 Sales Tax. When sales tax increases, then Business Use Tax increases by same percentage. The Business Use Tax applies to City businesses that buy goods outside Missouri. It currently generates $30M used for public health, affordable housing, and public safety. The Prop 2 Use Tax would generate about $4M a year. If Prop 2 Fails and Prop 1 passes, the City would spend the additional funds as needs/wants dictate. If Prop 1 Fails, Prop 2 also fails regardless of the vote.

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

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