Outstate Public Schools Are Not Problem Free

schoolaAnyone who thinks there is no drama in outstate Missouri school districts has not spent much time in outstate Missouri or on the State Auditor’s website.

Outstate school districts are just as likely as urban schools districts to benefit from team work or suffer from dysfunction, get caught up in financial intrigue, and have performance issues. The difference is, the more rural the district, the more likely there is no radio or TV coverage of what’s going on in the district, and the school board news in the local weekly newspaper may very well be the meeting minutes the school board secretary submits to the paper.

Outstate vs. urban school districts came up at the November 13th meeting at Northwest High School on the future governance for St. Louis Public Schools. Why do big districts have all the problems? The answer is they don’t. You just don’t hear or read about smaller districts very often. And the State is not forcing taxation without representation and replacing governance of those districts with appointed special boards.

Here are a few outstate school district stories you may have missed.

Hallsville, Boone County
9/27/2016 Columbia Daily Tribune: More than $500,000 in Hallsville School District bond projects performed without bids

St. Joseph, Buchanan County
2/16/2017 KCUR: St. Joseph School District Whistle Blower Resigns From School Board
6/2/2015 KCUR: Fired St. Joseph School District Superintendent Lands Job In Missouri Bootheel
2/27/2015 KCUR: Missouri State Auditor Rates St. Joseph School District Performance ‘Poor’

Nixa, Christian County
7/10/2016 Springfield News Leader: Credentials of Nixa Public Schools’ budget director questioned by audit organizer

Liberty, Clay County
7/27/2008 Columbia Missourian: Police investigate possible financial mismanagement in Liberty School District

Ash Grove, Greene County
9/30/2014 Springfield News-Leader: Ash Grove board attempts reboot with interim leader

Springfield, Greene County
2/15/2016 Springfield News Leader: Springfield Public School’s No. 2 finance official came from district blasted in audit

Lee’s Summit, Jackson-Cass Counties
2/23/2016 Kansas City Star: In Lee’s Summit school district feud, board member and superintendent trade calls to resign

Grandview, Jackson County
7/19/2017 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Grandview School District officials say misplaced trust led to $1.6M embezzlement
8/27/2014 KSHB: Grandview superintendent accepted free tickets from district vendor, federal agency investigating

Joplin, Jasper-Newton Counties
3/2/2015 Joplin Globe: ‘Fair’ audit criticizes school district’s finances

Fox C-6, Jefferson County
5/26/2016 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Audit suggests former Fox School District boss spent taxpayer money for own benefit

Eureka, Jefferson-St. Louis Counties
11/5/2013 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Missouri Ethics Commission fines former Rockwood School Board member $10,000

Hannibal, Marion-Ralls Counties
11/24/2015 Missouri Times: Auditor Galloway releases Hannibal School audit, cites concerns with bond issue process. Audit also raises concerns with retirement incentives and electronic data security

Pleasant Hope, Polk County
8/12/2009 Boliver Herald Free Press: Overspending at R-6 likely due to construction of sports complex, audit says. Spending habits left Pleasant Hope school district close to financial stress


#ExpectUs Today “Shopping” @ Walmart

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Friday’s Protest news coverage:

11/25/2017 Kansas City Star: Missouri mall shut down as police arrest lawmaker, others at Black Friday protest

11/25/2017 St. Louis Post-DispatchBlack Friday protests at the St. Louis Galleria lead to 7 arrests

11/24/2017 Washington Post7 arrested during mall protest in suburban St. Louis

11/24/2017 ABC News: Several arrested in Black Friday mall protest in Missouri

11/24/2017 Riverfront TimesBlack Friday Protest at Galleria Leads to Seven Arrests

Sunday Drinking Liberally Happy Hr

Join the Left-Leaning Community 1-4:30 pm Sunday, November 19, for Drinking Liberally Happy Hour at Nadine’s on the tented patio, 1931 S 12th. RSVP mtceselski@aol.com.

We’ll be having conversations with Alderwoman Megan Green on the Audit St. Louis petition; St. Louis Public Schools President Susan Jones about returning governance of our public schools to our elected school board; and Maureen McMillan will update us on historic tax credits and then we will also discuss this week’s action by Governor Grietens against low income housing tax credits.

We’ll also play Rex Bingo.

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