Vote Annie Rice, 8th Ward Alderwoman

anniefor8thToday, I reaffirm my support for the election of fellow Democrat Annie Rice to Alderwoman of the 8th Ward in the February 13, 2018, Special Election.

Annie Rice has been a selfless, tireless advocate for the Democratic Party as 8th Ward Democratic Committeewoman, Democratic Party 5th Senate District Committeewoman, and active member of the Missouri Democratic State Committee. She has given her time and passion to campaigning for Democrats across Missouri, voter registration, and working on State Committee’s Platform Committee and St. Louis Democratic City Central Committee projects.

My continued support for Annie Rice, a Democrat now running as an Independent, is not rebellion against voters decision in a Democratic Party Primary Election. They were denied the right to vote in a Primary under present Missouri law regarding Special Elections to fill vacancies. Instead, the City Central Committee-  two Democratic Committeepersons from the 8th Ward and 52 Democratic Committeepersons from the City’s 27 other wards- nominated a candidate on behalf of 8th Ward Democrats. It is an outdated, undemocratic, paternalistic system that desperately needs reform.

I stand with the 540 voters of the 8th Ward who signed petitions of support for Annie Rice. The input by 8th Ward voters was not only rejected by City Central Committee, it was, shockingly, disrespected. I apologize to the voters of the 8th Ward for the disrespect shown them.

Annie Rice is the best candidate. Her progressive Democratic values, her skills as an attorney, her experience fighting for justice and against the status quo, this is what I believe the voters of the 8th Ward want from their alderwoman as evidenced by the petitions with 540 signatures.

Vote Annie Rice, 8th Ward Alderwoman

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

2 thoughts on “Vote Annie Rice, 8th Ward Alderwoman

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