By Thursday- Send Letters Of Support For Elected School Board

schoolBy Thursday, January 11th, 2018: Please send letter of support for Elected School Board, transition from Appointed Special Administrative Board back to Elected Board, to either the SAB directly (address below) or to AFT (, which is collecting letters for delivery to AFT. Here is the letter that I emailed.
Task Force on Alternative Governance
Special Administrative Board
801 N 11th
Saint Louis, Missouri 63101January 9, 2018

Dear Task Force Members:

I ask that you support return of governance for St. Louis Public Schools to our Elected School Board.

Governance of a school district by an appointed board is taxation without representation. Children are taught in our public schools that taxation without representation is wrong and led to the American Revolution. It was wrong in the 18th Century and it is wrong today.

As someone who attended one of the special meetings by the Task Force, my read on the room was it was overwhelmingly supportive of returning control of our schools to our Elected Board.

As an elected Democratic Committeewoman, I can tell you that voters in my ward overwhelming support our schools being governed by our elected School Board.

As someone who has spent considerable time in rural Missouri, I can also tell you that drama and financial intrigue happens to school districts big and small, urban and rural districts alike. The solution, for all districts, is better training for Board members to ensure excellence in their oversight of our tax dollars and education of children.

Please support the people of St. Louis City as we call upon you, in a loud, commanding, but respectful voice, to give our schools back to us, the voters.

Marie Ceselski
7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman
1911 S 11th
Saint Louis, Missouri 63104


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