About That City Democrats Meeting

hot-mess-raise-walking-disasterThis Draft of the Minutes of the January 27, 2018, Meeting of St. Louis Democratic City Central Committee shows discussion AND action relating to Independent Candidates occurring after Fundraising and before Right to Work reports. The sequence of events is incorrect.

The issue and heated exchanges began earlier when By Laws were discussed. The Independent Candidates issue was not on the Agenda for the meeting. I was under the impression that the issue was tabled until another meeting. This misunderstanding was largely due to the failure of the group to use microphones, which I had previously requested.

I left the meeting during General Discussion, after Redistricting came up

That evening, I was informed that the Independent Candidates issue came back up in General Discussion and there was a vote to request 8th Ward Committeewoman Annie Rice to resign.

Committeewoman Rice was at her MICA Board meeting instead of the Central Committee meeting. Again, she was not on the Agenda.

I had her proxy and should have been the person to speak on her behalf. Again, she was not on the Agenda. I feel very bad for not being there to represent her and cast both of our votes against the resignation motion.

It appears that Central Committee will amend its By Laws to censure or request resignation from all of us who support Annie. I have already written the Committee on this.


Annie Rice is a Democrat and I am proud to support her.

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman11272018AMinutes







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