No To Bismarck, Yes To Honzik

noname9 am Tuesday, Board Bill 244 will be heard in the Board of Aldermen Streets Committee to rename (honorarily) one block of 7th, from Lami to Barton in Soulard, after German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck.

He may have been a great leader in the eyes of a lot of people around the world but Bismarck oppressed Catholics. I’m not saying we should not have streets named after flawed people. We are all flawed. I just wonder if this is a good fit for the neighborhood.

Under City Ordinance 68937, all you need to rename a block is a) a petition with 60% signatures of the voters on the block, b) money to pay for the honorary street name sign, 3) an alderman to sponsor the board bill.

What would you rename your street? Would you rename it?

Not my own street, but I’d like to see a block in Soulard renamed for Mary Honzik, later Maloney. She was a Bohemian immigrant, came over as a small child, lived around what was then Union Park in Soulard, and became the founding mother of IBEW.


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