Who Do You Ride With? Democratic Candidates & Donors, Primary Eve Edition

followthemoneyRight-Leaning, Bad Ideas, Failed Administrations, and Legal Money Laundering Donors as of 8/06/2018

1st Congressional District
$7700 to Lacy Clay from Michael Kelley $2700; Paul Joseph McKee III $2000; McEagle-OFallon $1500; Christopher McKee $1000; Northside Regeneration $500
$0 to Cori Bush

St. Louis City Collector of Revenue
$6250 to Gregory F.X. Daly from Regional Progress PAC $5000; SLPOA $250; Francis Slay $250; Lyda Krewson $250; Nancy Rice $250; Northside Regeneration $250

St. Louis City License Collector
$481.05 to Mavis Thompson from Jeff Rainford $481.05
$0 to Dana Kelly-Franks

St. Louis City Recorder of Deeds
$8350 to Michael Butler from Roy Pfautch $2,500; Claude Brown $1500; Regional Strategies $1000; Jeff Rainford $500; Show Me Victories $500; former Mayor Vince Schoemehl $500; former Mayor Jim Conway $500; Nexus Group $500; SLPOA $250; Jane Dueker $250; Strategic Capitol Consulting $250; Ed Rhode $100. (Note: Butler’s Treasurer recently filed a new PAC- Progressive Pipeline PAC but it has reported no receipts or expenditures)
$0 to Sharon Quigley Carpenter

4th District Senate
$1150 to Jake Hummel from Regional Strategies $1000; Francis Slay $150
$0 to Karla May (Note: no July Report as of 8/06/26/2018)

66th District House
$0 to Khalil Abdul Mumin
$0 Tommy Pierson Jr

76th District House
$0 to Marissa Brown
$0 to Chris Carter
$0 to Damon Haymer
$0 to Cydney Johnson (Note: reporting Limited Activity 2017-2018 as of 8/6/2018)

77th District House
$1800 to Steve Roberts from Ed Dowd $1500; SLPOA $250; Joe Roddy $50
$0 to Kimberly-Ann Collins

78th District House
$0 to Bruce Franks Jr.

79th District House
$2850 to J.P. Johnson from Jeff Rainford $1500; Francis Slay $250; Mary Ellen Ponder $250; Atlas Strategy Group/Gregg Keller $250; Nancy Rice $100; David Leipholtz $100; Eddie Roth $100; Patrick Lynn $100; Scott Faughn $100; Ed Rhode $50; Nick Pistor $50
$2600 to LaKeySha Bosley from TheLouPAC $2600
$0 to Reign Harris
$0 to Maxine Johnson

80th District House
$600 to Peter Merideth from Regional Progress PAC $500; SLPOA $100
$0 to Mariah Vandiver

81st District House
$500 to Steve Butz from SLPOA $500
$0 to Travis Estes

82nd District House
$2100 to Donna Baringer from Regional Progress PAC $500; SLPOA $300; Regional Strategies $300; Lyda Krewson $250; Jeff Rainford $250; Mary Ellen Ponder $500
$0 to Fred Kratky (Note: started campaign with $44,186.72 from previous account)

83rd District House
$0 to Gina Mitten

84th District House
$1950 to Brad Bakker from George Herbert Walker Bush $1000; Jeff Rainford $500; Nancy Rice $250; Martin Casas $200
$0 to Wiley Price IV

91st District House
$0 to Sara Unsicker

93rd District House
$250 to Bob Burns from SLPOA $250


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