Attorney General’s Office Asks Highway Patrol To Investigate License Collector

I have received a copy of the letter from Missouri Attorney General’s Office to Missouri Highway Patrol, the AG’s investigator, regarding the Political Corruption complaints against License Collector Mavis Thompson. Also enclosed were copies of other complaints on the same matter.



The investigation is an important step toward holding License Collector Mavis Thompson accountable.  These types of complaints usually are dismissed within a few weeks.

Each of us filing the Political Corruption complaints had previously received a letter from the Attorney General’s Office regarding the intent to forward the complaint to the Highway Patrol.

My complaint was filed August 3rd. I cited two laws broken. One on release of protected information and the other an Ethics violation, using public office for personal gain.

I recently blogged on how this could end with a Republican License Collector appointed by the Governor and serving for four years because there is no Special Election for License Collector when there is a vacancy.

License Collector timeline: history of election, appointment, removal/vacancy from 1950-Present.

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

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