We Must Not Allow Fake Science & Fake Clinics In Our Public Schools

flintstoneAn odd thing happened on the way to St. Louis City School Board endorsements by 7th Ward Independent Democrats. At the beginning of the process, I would have bet a paycheck that we would endorse incumbent School Board Member Donna Jones for re-election. Her heart is obviously in it. She has the sort of School Board experience we thought that we wanted for the governance transition from appointed Special Administrative Board to elected School Board.

But then we got her answers to our Candidate Survey and our opinions changed. I am glad that I did not bet a paycheck on that endorsement.

Donna Jones wants a lot of what we want. But…

We need to look at this as more than just support for local elected governance, support for teachers, and stopping the raid on public school funds for private education at charter schools and unnecessary tax abatement. We need to look at public school policies and what the elected School Board will do after it is no longer fighting for its survival.

On two critical policy matters, Donna Jones responded with answers that left us shocked and looking elsewhere for a candidate to endorse.



Children should be taught science in science class in public schools. Children should not be taught religion or mythology or science fiction in science class in public schools.

Age-appropriate fact-based reproductive health education should be taught in public schools. While it’s true that the State of Missouri requires abstinence education, school districts have better options than the lies of these faith-based, fake clinic con artists at Thrive that Donna Jones would allow in our schools. In fact, area school districts are removing Thrive.

It doesn’t matter whether Donna Jones would allow a handful of parents to bring fake science and fake clinics into City schools or she’d champion it. We cannot afford to elect her to the School Board and find out.

We need School Board Members who know The Flintstones and Thrive do not belong in our Public Schools. 7th Ward Independent Democrats respectfully requests that you consider voting for Dr. Joyce Roberts and Jared Opsal for School Board.

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman


School Board Candidate Information

schoolboardelectionCandidate Contact Information
20 Personal Side Questions & Answers
25 Views and Goals Questions & Answers

Voters will elect two candidates to serve on the School Board on November 6th.

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