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Pending Legislation to require a Public Vote to approve Airport Privatization:
Board Bill 19 (Ordinance)
Board Bill 77 (Charter Amendment)
Board Bill 175 (Charter Amendment) – would require public vote on privatization of pubic assets, not just airport

STL Not For Sale Initiative Petition Drive for Public Vote on Airport Privatization – Prop V

Pending Legislation for grant funding of independent professional services to aid the Board of Aldermen in researching airport privatization
Board Bill 93 (Ordinance)

Federal Aviation Administration comments on Lambert Airport Privatization (APPP). Read Comments here. Submit Comments here.

2018 St. Louis Lambert International Airport Annual Report

stLouIST #FLYSTL Links

Airport Privatization Consultants website (paid for by Rex Sinquefield’s Grow Missouri)

2016 In The Public Interest ReportHow Privatization Increases Inequality

Request for Qualifications Issued October 4, 2019 

Difference between RFQ (Request for Qualifications) and RFP (Request for Proposals)

June 2019 International Air Transport Association’s Airport Privatization Fact Sheet

St. Louis Lambert Airport News & Commentary since 2017

(Updated 12/09/2019)

12/09/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Lawsuit claims Lambert privatization group violated open records laws

12/08/2019 Channel 2 FOX: County wants larger role in process looking at privatizing airport

12/08/2019 2/05/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Disputes over Sunshine Law put Jefferson City lawyer in cloudy role

12/06/2019 CNN Philippines: Bulacan airport deal under review despite September signing

12/06/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Lawsuit alleges airport working group violated Sunshine Law with closed-door meetings

12/06/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis Airport Privatization Working Group Faces Lawsuit Over Closed Meetings, Records

12/06/2019 St. Louis American: Suit seeks to nullify airport decisions made in closed meetings

12/06/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: City aldermen to hear bill requiring public vote on Lambert airport privatization

12/05/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: Environmental Consultant Says ‘Large Areas’ Near Airport Are OK To Redevelop

12/05/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Airport commissioners question city leaders over failure to ponder downside risk of privatization

12/05/2019 Top Lead India: AAI employees to launch sit-in protest at Jantar Mantar against privatization

12/05/2019 St. Louis American: St. Louis’ airport privatization process comes under scrutiny

12/04/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis airport commission members grill top Krewson aide on privatization

12/04/2019 St. Louis Public Radio- St. Louis On The Air: NAACP St. Louis Chapter President Adolphus Pruitt Makes Case For Airport Privatization

12/04/2019 Call Newspapers: Port Authority declines to add St. Louis County to airport talks, at least for now

12//04/2019 Reuters: Backlash builds in France over privatization of airports operator

12/03/2019 The Times of India: Centre questions need to privatize profit-making city airport

12/03/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Shortened list of Lambert privatization bidders not likely for ‘couple of weeks’

12/03/2019 Call Newspapers: City bid for airport privatization leads to calls for regional governance

11/29/2019 EX-YU Aviation News: Zagreb Airport shrugs off performance concerns – (Zagreb Airport is a privatized airport in Croatia)

11/29/2019  St. Louis Public Radio- Politically Speaking: Ingrassia Talks Airport Privatization, Soccer Stadium, MetroLink

11/28/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Welcome to Trump International, the future of St. Louis aviation

11/28/2019 The New Indian Express: AAI unions to stage protest against airports privatisation

11/23/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Letter to EditorTransparent study needed on airport privatization

11/21/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis County Port Authority holds off on airport study

11/19/2019 National Public Radio, All Things Considered: Some Activists Are Fighting A Plan To Privatize The St. Louis Airport

11/19/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Sinquefield staffer will lead St. Louis’ response for Hyperloop project

11/17/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Competing county airport study would examine whether privatization is a good idea at Lambert

11/15/2019 St. Louis American, Guest Columnist U.S. Rep. Lacy Clay: Clay demands public vote on airport privatization

11/15/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Despite having no opponent, Missouri’s No. 2 state official draws big check from megadonor

11/15/2019 Fox2 TVCongressman Lacy Clay calls for public vote on Lambert Airport privatization

11/14/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Clay enters Lambert fray, demands binding vote on privatization

11/14/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Congressman Clay calls for public vote on Lambert airport privatization

11/13/2019 St. Louis Post-DispatchControversial Lambert documentary yanked off air at St. Louis’ request

11/11/2019 Irish Times: DAA on long-list to operate St Louis international airport

11/11/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: Airport Privatization Critics Hope To Force Public Vote, Make Their Case

11/08/2019 Riverfront Times- Counterpoint: St. Charles County Is Invested in Lambert and Deserves a Say

11/08/2019 St. Louis Public Radio- St. Louis On The Air: Monday- Privatization Critics Hope To Make Their Case At Public Forum

11/08/2019 St. Louis Public Radio- Politically Speaking: Untangling Airport Privatization, Sports Betting And NorthSide Redevelopment

11/08/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Lambert privatization panel hires real estate consultant

11/07/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Letter to Editor: Don’t believe airport privatization’s promised riches

11/06/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: Calls For Accountability Dominate St. Louis County Council Meeting

11/06/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: 18 Companies Want To Lease St. Louis’ Airport — Here’s What You Should Know About Them

11/06/2019 KMOX Radio: St. Louis County Council pushes more transparency about Lambert Airport privatization

11/06/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: City gives more details on Lambert privatization bidders

11/04/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: City attracts 18 firms interested in privately operating Lambert airport

11/03/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Letter to Editor: Ignore Rex Sinquefield’s biased civic ‘research’

10/31/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: Lead Consultant To Airport Privatization Group Responds To Criticism Of Lambert Documentary

10/30/2019 Riverfront Times- Ray Hartmann: Everyone Loves the City of St. Louis — for the Good Stuff

10/29/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Letter to Editor: Up in the Air — a sequel

10/29/2019 Reuters: Greece gets 10 expressions of interest in stake in biggest airport

10/28/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Hyperloop study calls for test track to be built in Missouri. Cost? $300-500 million

10/27/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Letter to Editor: Where is the proof that Lambert needs privatization?

10/24/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: Airport Privatization Working Group Questions New Lambert Documentary

10/24/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Bills to require election on Lambert privatization remain bottled up in aldermanic panel

10/24/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Lambert privatization advanced despite initial opposition from airport’s leader, airline

10/23/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis County Council calls for federal audit of trolley, holds back on blasting city over airport talks

10/23/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: Mayors Near Lambert Airport Want Answers About Privatization

10/23/2019 KMOX Radio: Who should decide the future of St. Louis Lambert International Airport?

10/22/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Letter to Editor: Lambert’s privatization won’t cure our problems

10/22/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Krewson slams Ehlmann, Page over Lambert move; floats ‘new terminal’ in privatization

10/21/2019 GhanaWeb: KIA privatisation- ‘We’ll fight with our blood to keep our jobs’ – Staff

10/19/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: New players enter St. Louis airport privatization debate: St. Louis and St. Charles counties

10/18/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Parson taps Democrat for judge post in St. Louis

10/16/2019 Riverfront Times- Ray Hartmann: If Airport Privatization Is Such a Great Idea, Let Voters Decide 

10/15/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: As St. Louis heads down runway of airport privatization, a consultant upgrades to first class

10/14/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Another company eyes a lease of Lambert airport 

10/11/2019 St. Louis American: STL airport revenue bonds upgraded to A from A-

10/11/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Letter to Editor: Privatization argument for Lambert still needs to be made

10/10/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Company seeking to run Lambert airport hires former City Hall lobbyists and Sinquefield ally

10/10/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Fitch upgrades Lambert airport debt, expects continued traffic increase

10/10/2019 St. Louis Public RadioQ&A with St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson On Airport Privatization

10/5/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Potentially privatizing Lambert airport takes another step forward in search for potential bidders

10/04/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Conway says St. Louis mayor won’t sign commitment sought by comptroller on finances

10/4/2019 Office of Comptroller Darlene Green: Press Release on Opposition to Issuance of Airport Privatization RFQ

10/4/2019 St. Louis Magazine: Should the city turn over operation of St. Louis Lambert International Airport? The backstory behind the push to privatize

10/4/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis Kicks Off Vetting Companies Interested In Leasing Lambert Airport

10/4/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis panel OKs seeking potential bidders to lease Lambert

10/04/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: A privately run Lambert airport? Idea takes big step forward.

10/04/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Power struggle at St. Louis City Hall as comptroller wants mayor to defer on all financial decisions

10/03/2019 St. Louis Business Journal- Letter to Editor: Comparing the current Lambert to its former self is misleading

10/02/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Airport privatization group expected to vote Friday on issuing request for qualifications

10/01/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: It’s not my meeting. The Mayor Lyda Krewson story.

10/01/2019 St. Louis Post Dispatch: Privatizing Lambert airport may move a step closer with move by city committee

10/01/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Lambert airport privatization could take big step forward Wednesday

10/01/2019 St. Louis Public RadioLewis Reed- It’s Time To See Who’s Interested In Leasing St. Louis’ Airport

9/27/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: Here’s What St. Louis Can Learn From Denver’s Failed Airport Privatization Deal

9/26/2019 Lambert Privatization

9/24/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: New Plan For City Workers At Lambert Released By Privatization Working Group

9/22/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Mayor says she won’t oppose public vote on privatization of St. Louis airport

9/19/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis Comptroller Green On Adamantly Opposing Airport Privatization

9/17/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: What Happened To A Public Vote On St. Louis Airport Privatization?

9/15/2019 Aviation International NewsProtests Fail to Halt India Airport Privatization

9/12/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: Company Fired From Denver Airport Project Could Bid To Lease St. Louis Airport

9/11/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis Officials Defend Airport Privatization Process

9/11/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Lambert privatization study spokesman says he was fired after radio call controversy

9/10/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis Airport Privatization Working Group Fires Embattled Spokesman Douglass Petty

9/7/2019 The Asahi Shimbun- Editorial: Kansai airport still not in a position to deal with a disaster

9/5/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: Airport Privatization Spokesman ‘Very Likely’ Called St. Louis On The Air Using A Fake Name

9/3/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Juan Giusti-Cordero: Puerto Rico’s airport privatization serves fair warning to St. Louis

9/1/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: The case of the mysterious radio caller adds intrigue to airport privatization in St. Louis

8/30/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: For possible Lambert privatization bidder, allegations fly over Denver project

8/22/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: What’s The Deal With Airport Privatization In St. Louis?

8/19/2019 In The Public Interest: Privatization Report: Denver ends massive public-private partnership after losses | and more

8/16/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Lobbyist leads St. Louis toward airport privatization as partner accuses him of ‘outrageous’ breach of contract

8/15/2019 Hungary Today: Gov’t Attempt to Take Back Budapest Airport Failed So Far

8/6/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: The financier who bought Stenger also has eyes on Lambert. Buyer beware.

8/6/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Krewson says Lambert privatization study will continue, despite Stenger-Sinquefield revelations

8/1/2019 KFVS: St. Louis Lambert airport to receive $5.29M grant for improvements

8/1/2019 Great State of St. Louis: What’s Governor’s Privatization Agenda in Australia?

7/18/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis comptroller, mayor clash over financing of America’s Center expansion

7/12/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Board of Aldermen Could Get Lambert Privatization Adviser Under New Proposal

7/11/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Next up for Lambert privatization: Can the city reach a deal with airlines?

7/10/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Yes, aldermen must OK Lambert airport privatization, city counselor says

7/1/2019 Reuters: French referendum proposal for ADP privatization gets 10% of signatures by July 1

6/30/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Meet the consultant who got Stenger elected, and why he’s still ‘proud’ he won

6/28/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Letter to Editor: Taxpayers should not be on the hook for NRA lobbyist’s fee

6/27/2019 St. Louis American: Refinancing airport bonds saves St. Louis $29M

6/24/2019 The GuardianFrench parties unite in call for referendum on Macron’s airports sell-off

6/24/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Letter to Editor: Don’t cherry-pick data to justify airport privatization

6/23/2019 Deconstructing the privatization scam – A very British Disease

6/17/2019 Channel 2You Paid For It- Alderwoman Spencer wants public vote over any airport privatization deal

6/12/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Past fraud conviction of city lobbyist raises questions from officials

6/12/2019 Riverfront Times: Comptroller Green Proves Her Point By No-Showing Vote for Airport Bonds 

6/12/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Mayor, comptroller clash again over Lambert Airport bonds

6/12/2019 Riverfront Times- Ray Hartmann: Privatization of St. Louis’ Airport Belongs on the No-Fly List 

6/11/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Aldermen eye lobbyist reform after report on potential conflict

6/7/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Top adviser on airport privatization faces questions for his work with the NRA

6/7/2019 The Star: Airport users to incur higher costs on privatisation- IATA

6/6/2019 St. Louis American: S&P raises rating on Lambert Airport revenue bonds, Comptroller Green projects $20M in savings from airport bond refunding

6/6/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Lambert Airport gets second bond upgrade in less than a year

6/6/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: City’s top lawyer says bill on public vote on Lambert privatization is legally flawed

6/4/2019 Channel 2: You Paid For It- Latest airport privatization study

5/29/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Lambert privatization study is slow-moving as city waits to hear from airlines

5/24/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Ex-Slay aide ends role as lobbyist but says he’s still working for firm seeking Lambert privatization contract

5/23/2019 In These Times: Public-Private Partnerships Will Never Solve America’s Infrastructure Crisis

5/23/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Funder of airport privatization effort is making money on both sides of the deal

5/22/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Potential bidder for Lambert airport privatization appears to lose interest

5/15/2019 Blinders Off: Pigs on the Wing- The St. Louis-Lambert International Airport

5/15/2019 Riverfront Times: Airport Privatization Consultants Dodge Critics as Billings Grow

5/3/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis Alderwoman Wants Public To Vote On Airport Privatization

4/30/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: City estimate board endorses Lambert bond refinancing plan

4/30/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: Airport Bond Refinancing Passes — After Two-Week Delay

4/19/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch– Tony Messenger: City leaders used to back airport debt reduction. Then Rex Sinquefield came calling.

4/17/2019 Riverfront Times: Comptroller Green Blasts ‘Unacceptable Scrutiny’ Over Airport Bonds in Raucous Meeting

4/17/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Comptroller accuses mayor, Reed of delaying Lambert bond refinancing to aid privatization idea

4/9/2019 St. Louis Post-DispatchFeds want records related to big Stenger contributors

3/28/2019 Riverfront TimesFAA Chief Asked JetBlue Exec to ‘Say Nice Things’ About St. Louis Airport Privatization

3/27/2019 ProPublica“Happy to Do It”: Emails Show Current FAA Chief Coordinated With Ex-Lobbyist Colleagues on Policy

3/27/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Former SLPS administrator will manage Lambert privatization communications

3/4/2019 Channel 5: Where the Board of Aldermen stand on airport privatization

3/3/2019 St. Louis Post-DispatchConsultant will advise airlines on Lambert privatization

2/22/2019 St. Louis American: Comptroller Darlene Green restates support of public vote on airport privatization

2/22/2019 St. Louis Public RadioLambert Airport Privatization Takes Center Stage At Board Of Aldermen President Forum

2/20/2019 Riverfront TimesDarlene Green: ‘It Is Arrogance for Elected Officials to Strip the Public of Its Right to Vote’

2/20/2019 Channel 2: Demonstrators gather at St. Louis airport privatization meeting

2/20/2019 St. Louis Post-DispatchReed joins city’s comptroller in favoring citywide vote on Lambert privatization

2/10/2019 St. Louis Post-DispatchEffort to privatize St. Louis Lambert International Airport could still go to vote of city residents

1/29/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Editorial Board: Aldermen should revive bill to require referendum on airport privatization

1/28/2019 Riverfront Times: These St. Louis Politicians Are Pledging to Oppose Airport Privatization

1/20/2018: Channel 2 You Paid For It: Aldermen vote not to give public a say in Lambert privatization

1/17/2019 Riverfront Times: Aldermen Reject Plan to Let Public Vote on St. Louis Airport Privatization

01/14/2019 St. Louis Post-DispatchLambert extends existing vendor contracts amid privatization study

01/13/2019 Channel 2 You Paid For It: Decision on Lambert privatization could come soon

01/10/2019 St. Louis Public RadioQuestions About St. Louis Lambert Airport Privatization Go Unanswered

12/09/2018 Channel 2 You Paid For It: BOA President Lewis Reed votes to move forward with Lambert Airport privatization study

12/07/2018 St. Louis AmericanBill for public vote on airport privatization stalls; petition initiative moves forward

12/06/2018 St. Louis Public RadioPublic vote on airport privatization is grounded at City Hall

12/03/2018 Channel 2 You Paid For It: Will voters get a chance to vote Airport privatization

11/5/2018 St. Louis Public RadioDoor-to-door survey seeks residents’ views of St. Louis Lambert airport privatization

10/26/2018 UMSL Daily- Ask An Expert: Ray Mundy ponders possible privatization of Lambert airport

10/24/2018 St. Louis Public RadioKrewson rejects need for public vote on the possible lease of Lambert airport

10/8/2018 Riverfront Times– Glenn Burleigh: If St. Louis Is Serious About Airport Privatization, We Deserve Accurate Info — and a Vote

10/3/2018 St. Louis Public RadioPublic weighs in on whether residents should get to vote over leasing St. Louis airport

10/3/2018 St. Louis Post-DispatchIn first public hearing, St. Louis residents call for a chance to vote on privatizing Lambert

10/3/2018 Riverfront TimesPublic Vote on Airport Privatization to Be Focus of Aldermanic Meeting Tonight

9/25/2018 St. Louis Post-DispatchGot thoughts on privatizing Lambert? Advisers begin outreach campaign in St. Louis

9/25/2018 St. Louis Public RadioAirport group expands survey seeking input on possible Lambert privatization

9/18/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch– Tony Messenger: Lobbyist leading St. Louis airport privatization effort accused of ‘looting’ his own company

9/15/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch– Kevin Horrigan: Getting rich on that crackpot airport privatization deal

9/15/2018 KMOX RadioActivists, Aldermen Voice Concerns Over Airport Privatization Canvassing Efforts

9/15/2018 Riverfront TimesCity Hall Locks Out Alderwomen, Activists

9/13/2018 St. Louis Public RadioGroup blasts survey of St. Louis residents on Lambert as pro-privatization

9/4/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Op Ed: Lambert privatization looks like Chicago’s parking meter disaster

8/21/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Krewson dodges potholes on road toward St. Louis airport privatization

8/20/2018 St. Louis Public RadioSTLPR’s Melody Walker discusses ongoing airport-privatization saga

8/16/2018 Rockland/Westchester Journal NewsEnthusiasm wanes for Westchester airport privatization under George Latimer

8/16/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Cost to start down runway of airport privatization in St. Louis? More than $800,000 per month

8/7/2018 St. Louis Public RadioAdvisors set timetable for St. Louis Lambert privatization process

8/6/2018 St. Louis Public RadioSlay’s role as lobbyist raises questions over conflict of interest in quest to privatize airport

7/26/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Redacted pages, ignored advice and conflicts galore: Welcome to airport privatization, St. Louis style

7/18/2018 St. Louis Public RadioAirport privatization consultants delayed by unsigned contract

7/5/2018 St. Louis Public RadioLong, bumpy flight expected for team exploring privatization of Lambert Airport

7/3/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony MessengerKrewson’s ‘open and transparent’ airport privatization process stuck on taxiway

7/1/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch Letter to EditorSt. Louis should protect its moneymaker airport

6/27/2018 Riverfront TimesGroup Will Gather Signatures to Demand Public Vote on Airport Privatization

6/27/2018 St. Louis Post-DispatchFormer Mayor Francis Slay hired by company considering a bid to privatize Lambert

6/21/2018 Rex Inc Propaganda Minister on KTVIAirport advisory team making changes at Lambert Airport

6/14/2018 The Bond BuyerSt. Louis airport privatization is closer to takeoff

6/14/2018 St. Louis Business Journal: Aldermanic president pushed airport adviser contracts for campaign donors

6/13/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Top city officials vote to begin exploration of privatizing Lambert

6/13/2018 Riverfront TimesSt. Louis Hires Consultants to Explore Airport Privatization

6/13/2018 St. Louis American, Column by Comptroller Darlene Green: Privatization of St. Louis airport must be put to public vote

6/13/2018 St. Louis Public RadioAdvisory group gets go-ahead to explore privatization of Lambert Airport

6/7/2018 Travel Pulse: Airlines Urge Caution on Airport Privatization

6/6/2018 Transportation TodayGovernments should use caution when privatizing airports, IATA warns

6/5/2018 The Economic TimesAirport privatisation- Wrong to assume private sector has all answers, says IATA chief

5/24/2018 Airline Ratings: Australian Airports’ Profits Excessive Claims New Report 

5/17/2018 St. Louis Public RadioSt. Louis board puts off vote on contract to explore privatizing Lambert

5/17/2018 Riverfront TimesSt. Louis Airport Privatization Effort Goes Into a Tailspin at E&A Meeting

5/16/2018 St. Louis Post-DispatchProcess to explore privatization of Lambert stalls: ‘We can’t get started’

5/16/2018 Riverfront TimesSt. Louis Airport Privatization Consultant Contract Could Get Approval Today

4/26/2018: American ProspectPutting the Public First in Public-Private Partnerships

3/14/2018 Riverfront TimesAirport Privatization Has St. Louis Surveying an Unexplored Frontier. Who’s in the Pilot’s Seat? 

2/20/2018 NextSTLFAA accepting public comments on privatization of Lambert International Airport

2/16/2018 St. Louis Post-DispatchSinquefield’s involvement in airport privatization a nonstarter for some city aldermen

2/16/2018 St.Louis Public Radio: “Airport resolution” portion of this story- St. Louis aldermen send $50 million bond issue to mayor

2/10/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch Op Ed- Alderwoman Cara Spencer: Aviation assets- The view from 35,000 feet

2/9/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Krewson’s lament on integrity obscures serious issues with airport process

2/9/2018 St. Louis Public Radio: “Airport privatization oversight” portion of this story- City reins in plan to ban carriage rides

2/9/2018 St. Louis Post-DispatchIf St. Louis wants to make the airport private, alderman wants public hearings every 60 days

2/2/2018 KMOX‘Angry 18’ Aldermen Want Rex Sinquefield Out

2/2/2018 St. Louis Magazine- Ray Hartmann: St. Louis doesn’t have to give up its airport to tap its potential

2/2/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch Op Ed- Francis G. Slay: We should explore airport’s untapped potential

2/1/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: King Rex clears the chess board as he plots his Lambert privatization strategy

2/1/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Krewson pushes back on criticism surrounding Lambert privatization

1/31/2018 NextSTL -Alderwoman Cara Spencer: Lambert Airport by the numbers

1/30/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch Letter to Editor: Sinquefield group’s input is a foregone conclusion

1/30/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch Letter to Editor: Include city residents in decision on Lambert

1/30/2018 St. Louis Post Dispatch Letter to Editor: Private company probably would be more efficient

1/30/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial: The fix is in for privatization of Lambert airport

1/30/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: More than half of St. Louis’ aldermen call for rejecting Sinquefield-affiliated firm as airport consultant

1/30/2018 Riverfront Times: 18 Aldermen Ask City to Stop Contract with Grow Missouri for Airport Lease

1/31/2018 (Updated) St. Louis American: Sinquefield-funded nonprofit lands consulting firm contract

1/26/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Sinquefield-affiliated Grow Missouri among firms selected to advise on privatizing Lambert

1/19/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis aldermen call for transparency as city considers privatization of Lambert 

1/19/2018 St. Louis American: Why did St. Louis hire a more expensive lobbyist with less experience? Jeff Aboussie’s team gets city contract through scarcely public process

1/18/2018 KMOX: Aldermen, Experts Debate Pros And Cons Of Lambert Privatization 

1/17/2018 Riverfront Times: St. Louis Airport Consultant Would Only Get Paid If Privatization Goes Through 

1/16/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Critic calls St. Louis airport privatization ‘a very bad deal.’

12/15/2017 New Airport Insider: This is Why No Airport Privatization in the U.S.

10/9/2017 Next City: St. Louis Could Be New Testing Ground for Airport Privatization

10/1/2017 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis begins to weigh potential benefits, risks of privatizing Lambert

9/20/2017 The Bond BuyerSt. Louis looking for advisors on airport privatization

9/18/2017 St. Louis Post-DispatchSt. Louis officials seek advisers to guide possible privatization of Lambert

8/3/2017 Huffington-PostBillionaire’s Plan To Sell A Publicly-Owned Airport Is A Lesson In Trumponomics

7/18/2017 St. Louis Public RadioWhat are the ups and downs of making Lambert Airport private?

6/29/2017 St. Louis AmericanPruitt vows the NAACP will monitor privatization process at St. Louis airport

6/18/2017 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: In St. Louis, revolving door goes from City Hall to Lambert

6/14/2017 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Slay’s former chief of staff joins Sinquefield firm

4/29/2017 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Is St. Louis leaving the future of its airport to a coin flip? 

4/25/2017 St. Louis Post-Dispatch & KTRS McGraw Milhaven Show- Messenger: What do airport efforts and ethics spat have in common? Need for transparency. 

4/24/2017 St. Louis Public Radio: FAA accepts initial application for Lambert privatization

4/24/2017 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis gets FAA go-ahead to explore privatizing airport management 

3/23/2017 St. Louis Post Dispatch- Slay wants to look at putting Lambert airport under private management