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yTkejEGTEAs of 1/05/2020, St. Louis Lambert Airport Privatization News & Commentary Feed evolved into the St. Louis Lambert Airport & Privatization News Feed to cover ongoing St. Louis Airport governance issues and privatization of public asset/services issues in St. Louis and elsewhere.

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2016 In The Public Interest ReportHow Privatization Increases Inequality

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St. Louis Lambert Airport Governance, Privatization, and Rex Sinquefield News & Commentary since 2017

(Updated 2/26/2020)

2/25/2020 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Proposed study of how Lambert should be governed hits some turbulence

2/24/2020 Centre for International Governance Innovation: The Privatization of Migration Control

2/24/2020 Jacksonville Business Journal (Florida): Lawyers- How JEA manipulated data to show fake ‘death spiral’ (JEA is Jacksonville’s municipal electric, water, sewer agency)

2/24/2020 Florida Times-Union: JEA gets a credit downgrade by Wall Street firm (JEA is Jacksonville’s municipal electric, water, sewer agency)

2/24/2020 Jacksonville Business Journal (Florida): DIA rejects former board member’s parking privatization pitch

2/19/2020 Balkan Insight: Russian Billionaire Quits Ownership of Moldovan Airport

2/18/2020 Denverite- Colorado Public Radio: Denver just hired a company for $195 million to make the airport’s Great Hall great (or at least finished)

2/17/2020 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: How Hare Krishnas led to the ‘Free speech booth’ at the St. Louis airport

2/13/2020- The Missourian- Editorial: Regional Approach

2/12/2020 St. Louis Business Journal: Former Better Together data chief launches new initiative: ‘A resource for the conversation, not a driver.’ 

2/12/2020 St. Louis University News: Sinquefield Center Engages St. Louis Community

2/11/2020 Greater Baton Rouge Business Report (Louisiana): Mayor of Sandy Springs talks about privatization vs. traditional government

2/9/2020 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Stenger campaign consultant on Sinquefield board

2/9/2020 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Sinquefield donated $700,000 to Stenger, much of it through a fire district nonprofit

2/7/2020 St. Louis Business Journal: City estimated Lambert privatization could net up to $1.2B for ‘non-airport purposes’

2/6/2020 The Baltimore Sun (Maryland)- Commentary: Privatization no sure fix for Baltimore’s water system

2/5/2020 St. Louis Business Journal: Consultant offered 3 options for reorganizing Lambert airport. The cost? $141M to $2B

2/4/2020 The Salem News (Massachusetts): Union workers protest possible bus privatization at MBTA

2/3/2020 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: On the airport, transit and regionalization- Does East-West Gateway hold the key?

2/1/2020 Tallahassee Democrat (Florida)- Commentary: Coming soon- Private beaches for the wealthy, paid by taxpayers 

2/1/2020 KHON Channel 2 (Honolulu, Hawaii) – Looking for solutions for Honolulu’s aging airport

2/1/2020 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- County Executive Steve Ehlmann: Death of privatization shouldn’t end the search for better solutions

1/31/2020 St. Louis Public Radio: Keeping The Legacy Of St. Louis’ Historic Black Cemeteries Alive (The North side of Washington Park Cemetery was purchased for St. Louis Lambert Airport expansion, resulting in 11,974 re-interments to cemeteries across the St. Louis area)

1/30/2020 Stamford Advocate (California): Stamford’s school privatization idea gains traction amid angst

1/30/2020 Sacramento News & Review- Editorial (California): Failure to launch- Proposal to privatize Sacramento airport is not cleared for take-off

1/29/2020 St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis Regional Leaders May Study Shared Governance Of Lambert Airport

1/29/2020 Philadelphia Business Journal (Pennyslvania)This industry’s lobbying organization just moved from D.C. to Philly. Here’s why.

1/25/2020 Sante Fe New Mexican: Ex-prison health contractor won’t release records despite court rulings

1/22/2020 Florida Times-Union- Commentary: Even potential JEA buyers couldn’t make sense of utility’s talking points

1/21/2020 The Washington Post: In ‘Slaying Goliath,’ Diane Ravitch argues public education advocates have beat back privatization efforts

1/20/2020 St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis Ends Airport Privatization Process But Holds Off On Withdrawing FAA Application

1/18/2020 Stamford Advocate (California): Stamford on forefront of public-private partnerships for schools

1/16/2020 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: With East-West Gateway set to discuss Lambert Airport, county Port Authority steps back

1/16/2020 Voice of San Diego (California): Ashford University Will Try Charter School Strategy to Keep Operating

1/15/2020 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: It’s over- City board formally ends airport privatization study

1/15/2020 St. Louis Business Journal: City officially ends Lambert privatization process

1/15/2020 Anchorage Daily News: Ferry privatization won’t work on most routes, says state-funded report

1/14/2020 Air Transport News: Airports Council Welcomes New Independent Research on Airport Infrastructure Investment

1/13/2020 Springfield News-Leader: Sinquefields were among secret donors to failed medical marijuana campaign

1/10/2020 St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis County Port Authority Hits Pause On Airport Study

1/10/220 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Sinquefields among dark-money donors to group that backed medical marijuana question

1/10/2020 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Reed criticizes end of Lambert privatization effort; county suspends plan for airport study

1/09/2020 The Missourian: Franklin County Part of Airport Privatization Talks – Commissioner Won’t Support Tax

1/09/2020 New York Times: Golf Club for the 1 Percent Wants to Seize a Migratory Bird Habitat

1/09/2020 The Bond Buyer: Lambert retreat underscores political hurdles of airport privatization

1/08/2020 West End Word: Lambert Airport Purchase Proposed

1/08/2020 Freight Waves: Politics scuppers St. Louis airport privatization

1/08/2020 St. Louis Business Journal: Why this Lambert privatization bidder soured on the process, and what he says must happen next 

1/07/2020 Florida Times-Union: City of Jacksonville urged to add new hurdles for any future JEA sales talks (JEA is the city’s municipal electric, water, sewer agency)

1/06/2020 St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis NAACP And Union’s Leaders Urge Krewson To Reopen Airport Privatization Talks

1/06/2020 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Carpenters union, city NAACP press to revive Lambert privatization idea

1/06/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: New effort emerges to keep Lambert privatization alive

1/06/2020 KSDK Channel 5: Area leaders to address ‘missed opportunity’ in Lambert privatization process

1/05/2010 Daily Thanthi Next (India): AAI engages PwC as transaction advisor for PPP, Undeterred by protests against privatization… 

1/04/2020 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Future of St. Louis’ airport may be regional, with privatization out of the picture

1/03/2020 St. Louis Business Journal: Corporate push against Lambert privatization included wooing Southwest Airlines

1/03/2020 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Business leaders met with Page and Ehlmann, urged Krewson to consider alternatives to airport privatization

1/03/2020 Bloomberg Law: States Free to Privatize Workforce Services Under New Trump Rule

1/03/2020 Florida Times-Union: Mayor Lenny Curry’s political strategist offered JEA advice on privatization, attended private meetings

1/03/2020 Freight Waves: Coalition warns against U.S. Postal Service privatization

1/02/2020 St. Louis American- Comptroller Darlene Green: What we learned from the airport privatization attempt

1/02/2020 St. Louis Business Journal: Business groups offered to pay for study of Lambert privatization alternatives

1/01/2020 The Baffler: Fables of School Reform- Ed-tech investors keep chasing their own tales

1/01/2020 St. Louis Labor Tribune: SEIU Local 1 Lambert janitors applaud Mayor Krewson’s decision to end airport privatization effort

1/01/2020 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Regional leaders float idea to buy Lambert from St. Louis

12/30/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: These prominent businessmen opposed privatizing Lambert airport

12/30/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Column by Central States Water Resources: A private solution to a public problem- Addressing Missouri’s water needs

12/29/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Letter to Editor: Rex Sinquefield’s name sums up airport privatization

12/29/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Letter to Editor: Freeholders must pursue regional Lambert ownership

12/28/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Consultants proposed dramatic changes to St. Louis airport as part of privatization study

12/27/2019 The Bond Buyer: St. Louis mayor puts brakes on Lambert privatization efforts

12/27/2019 Florida Times-Union: Index to stories on privatization scandal at JEA, Jacksonville’s municipal, electric, water utility agency

12/27/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Lambert privatization’s death shows U.S. airport investment is ‘tough nut to crack’

12/24/2019 Florida Times-Union: JEA spent $10 million on its controversial efforts to privatize. Now, the city-owned utility is off the market.

12/24/2019 St. Louis American: Krewson halts airport process after lawsuits are filed

12/23/2019 KMOX Radio: Deal to privatize Lambert Airport is dead

12/23/2019 Balkan Insight: Rothschild Company Abandons Bid to Run Moldova Airport

12/22/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Unsung hero in end of airport privatization effort attends meetings so you don’t have to

12/20/2019 Channel 2 FOX: Mayor says effort to privatize St. Louis Lambert Airport is over

12/20/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Mayor Krewson halts Lambert airport privatization

12/20/2019 Riverfront Times: Airport Privatization at ‘Natural Stopping Point,’ Says St. Louis Mayor Krewson

12/20/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis airport privatization effort is dead, Krewson says

12/20/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis Mayor Krewson Pulls Plug On Airport Privatization Process

12/20/2019 Dissident Voice: Macron’s Achilles Heel- the Toulouse Airport Privatization

12/19/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis County Port Authority endorses airport privatization study

12/19/2019 12/19/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis Port Authority Requests Its Own Study Of Airport Privatization

12/19/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Krewson’s deputy mayor pushes airport privatization proposal tied to former law partner

12/19/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: These 11 Companies Visited St. Louis To Pitch Themselves As Lambert Airport’s Next Operator

12/19/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Mayor defends top aide’s comments about St. Louis airport bidder

12/18/2019 St. Louis Not For Sale via YouTube: Alderman Joe Vaccaro tries to bring airport privatization public vote up for a vote in Board of Aldermen Committee

12/17/2019 South China Morning Post: Sale of Toulouse-Blagnac Airport by China’s Casil Europe is in final stage of negotiations, bringing to an end a tumultuous investment

12/17/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis airport privatization group disagreed over bidder connected to former Slay chief, records show

12/16/2019 Stock Daily Dish: Philippine- Privatization woes

12/16/2019 Eurodad (European Network on Debt and Development): Failed Tunisian airport exposes major problems with public-private partnerships

12/16/2019 Lambert Airport Sunshine LitigationSunshine Petition Filed Against the City of St. Louis Regarding Secretive Efforts to Privatize Lambert International Airport

12/16/2019 Eurodad (European Network on Debt and Development): Failure to Fly: Challenges and lessons learned from public-private partnerships in Tunisia

12/09/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Lawsuit claims Lambert privatization group violated open records laws

12/08/2019 Channel 2 FOX: County wants larger role in process looking at privatizing airport

12/08/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Disputes over Sunshine Law put Jefferson City lawyer in cloudy role

12/06/2019 CNN Philippines: Bulacan airport deal under review despite September signing

12/06/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Lawsuit alleges airport working group violated Sunshine Law with closed-door meetings

12/06/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis Airport Privatization Working Group Faces Lawsuit Over Closed Meetings, Records

12/06/2019 St. Louis American: Suit seeks to nullify airport decisions made in closed meetings

12/06/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: City aldermen to hear bill requiring public vote on Lambert airport privatization

12/05/2019 The Missouri Times: Rep. Trent receives $185K donation from Rex Sinquefield

12/05/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: Environmental Consultant Says ‘Large Areas’ Near Airport Are OK To Redevelop

12/05/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Airport commissioners question city leaders over failure to ponder downside risk of privatization

12/05/2019 Top Lead India: AAI employees to launch sit-in protest at Jantar Mantar against privatization

12/05/2019 St. Louis American: St. Louis’ airport privatization process comes under scrutiny

12/04/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis airport commission members grill top Krewson aide on privatization

12/04/2019 St. Louis Public Radio- St. Louis On The Air: NAACP St. Louis Chapter President Adolphus Pruitt Makes Case For Airport Privatization

12/04/2019 Call Newspapers: Port Authority declines to add St. Louis County to airport talks, at least for now

12//04/2019 Reuters: Backlash builds in France over privatization of airports operator

12/03/2019 The Times of India: Centre questions need to privatize profit-making city airport

12/03/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Shortened list of Lambert privatization bidders not likely for ‘couple of weeks’

12/03/2019 Call Newspapers: City bid for airport privatization leads to calls for regional governance

11/29/2019 EX-YU Aviation News: Zagreb Airport shrugs off performance concerns – (Zagreb Airport is a privatized airport in Croatia)

11/29/2019  St. Louis Public Radio- Politically Speaking: Ingrassia Talks Airport Privatization, Soccer Stadium, MetroLink

11/28/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Welcome to Trump International, the future of St. Louis aviation

11/28/2019 The New Indian Express: AAI unions to stage protest against airports privatisation

11/23/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Letter to EditorTransparent study needed on airport privatization

11/21/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis County Port Authority holds off on airport study

11/19/2019 National Public Radio, All Things Considered: Some Activists Are Fighting A Plan To Privatize The St. Louis Airport

11/19/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Sinquefield staffer will lead St. Louis’ response for Hyperloop project

11/17/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Competing county airport study would examine whether privatization is a good idea at Lambert

11/15/2019 St. Louis American, Guest Columnist U.S. Rep. Lacy Clay: Clay demands public vote on airport privatization

11/15/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Despite having no opponent, Missouri’s No. 2 state official draws big check from megadonor

11/15/2019 Fox2 TVCongressman Lacy Clay calls for public vote on Lambert Airport privatization

11/14/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Clay enters Lambert fray, demands binding vote on privatization

11/14/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Congressman Clay calls for public vote on Lambert airport privatization

11/13/2019 St. Louis Post-DispatchControversial Lambert documentary yanked off air at St. Louis’ request

11/11/2019 Irish Times: DAA on long-list to operate St Louis international airport

11/11/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: Airport Privatization Critics Hope To Force Public Vote, Make Their Case

11/08/2019 Riverfront Times- Counterpoint: St. Charles County Is Invested in Lambert and Deserves a Say

11/08/2019 St. Louis Public Radio- St. Louis On The Air: Monday- Privatization Critics Hope To Make Their Case At Public Forum

11/08/2019 St. Louis Public Radio- Politically Speaking: Untangling Airport Privatization, Sports Betting And NorthSide Redevelopment

11/08/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Lambert privatization panel hires real estate consultant

11/07/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Letter to Editor: Don’t believe airport privatization’s promised riches

11/06/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: Calls For Accountability Dominate St. Louis County Council Meeting

11/06/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: 18 Companies Want To Lease St. Louis’ Airport — Here’s What You Should Know About Them

11/06/2019 KMOX Radio: St. Louis County Council pushes more transparency about Lambert Airport privatization

11/06/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: City gives more details on Lambert privatization bidders

11/04/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: City attracts 18 firms interested in privately operating Lambert airport

11/03/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Letter to Editor: Ignore Rex Sinquefield’s biased civic ‘research’

10/31/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: Lead Consultant To Airport Privatization Group Responds To Criticism Of Lambert Documentary

10/30/2019 Riverfront Times- Ray Hartmann: Everyone Loves the City of St. Louis — for the Good Stuff

10/29/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Letter to Editor: Up in the Air — a sequel

10/29/2019 Reuters: Greece gets 10 expressions of interest in stake in biggest airport

10/28/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Hyperloop study calls for test track to be built in Missouri. Cost? $300-500 million

10/27/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Letter to Editor: Where is the proof that Lambert needs privatization?

10/24/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: Airport Privatization Working Group Questions New Lambert Documentary

10/24/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Bills to require election on Lambert privatization remain bottled up in aldermanic panel

10/24/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Lambert privatization advanced despite initial opposition from airport’s leader, airline

10/23/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis County Council calls for federal audit of trolley, holds back on blasting city over airport talks

10/23/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: Mayors Near Lambert Airport Want Answers About Privatization

10/23/2019 KMOX Radio: Who should decide the future of St. Louis Lambert International Airport?

10/22/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Letter to Editor: Lambert’s privatization won’t cure our problems

10/22/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Krewson slams Ehlmann, Page over Lambert move; floats ‘new terminal’ in privatization

10/21/2019 GhanaWeb: KIA privatisation- ‘We’ll fight with our blood to keep our jobs’ – Staff

10/19/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: New players enter St. Louis airport privatization debate: St. Louis and St. Charles counties

10/18/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Parson taps Democrat for judge post in St. Louis

10/16/2019 Riverfront Times- Ray Hartmann: If Airport Privatization Is Such a Great Idea, Let Voters Decide 

10/15/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: As St. Louis heads down runway of airport privatization, a consultant upgrades to first class

10/14/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Another company eyes a lease of Lambert airport 

10/11/2019 St. Louis American: STL airport revenue bonds upgraded to A from A-

10/11/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Letter to Editor: Privatization argument for Lambert still needs to be made

10/10/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Company seeking to run Lambert airport hires former City Hall lobbyists and Sinquefield ally

10/10/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Fitch upgrades Lambert airport debt, expects continued traffic increase

10/10/2019 St. Louis Public RadioQ&A with St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson On Airport Privatization

10/5/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Potentially privatizing Lambert airport takes another step forward in search for potential bidders

10/04/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Conway says St. Louis mayor won’t sign commitment sought by comptroller on finances

10/4/2019 Office of Comptroller Darlene Green: Press Release on Opposition to Issuance of Airport Privatization RFQ

10/4/2019 St. Louis Magazine: Should the city turn over operation of St. Louis Lambert International Airport? The backstory behind the push to privatize

10/4/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis Kicks Off Vetting Companies Interested In Leasing Lambert Airport

10/4/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis panel OKs seeking potential bidders to lease Lambert

10/04/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: A privately run Lambert airport? Idea takes big step forward.

10/04/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Power struggle at St. Louis City Hall as comptroller wants mayor to defer on all financial decisions

10/03/2019 St. Louis Business Journal- Letter to Editor: Comparing the current Lambert to its former self is misleading

10/02/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Airport privatization group expected to vote Friday on issuing request for qualifications

10/01/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: It’s not my meeting. The Mayor Lyda Krewson story.

10/01/2019 St. Louis Post Dispatch: Privatizing Lambert airport may move a step closer with move by city committee

10/01/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Lambert airport privatization could take big step forward Wednesday

10/01/2019 St. Louis Public RadioLewis Reed- It’s Time To See Who’s Interested In Leasing St. Louis’ Airport

9/27/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: Here’s What St. Louis Can Learn From Denver’s Failed Airport Privatization Deal

9/26/2019 Lambert Privatization

9/24/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: New Plan For City Workers At Lambert Released By Privatization Working Group

9/22/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Mayor says she won’t oppose public vote on privatization of St. Louis airport

9/19/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis Comptroller Green On Adamantly Opposing Airport Privatization

9/17/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: What Happened To A Public Vote On St. Louis Airport Privatization?

9/15/2019 Aviation International NewsProtests Fail to Halt India Airport Privatization

9/12/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: Company Fired From Denver Airport Project Could Bid To Lease St. Louis Airport

9/11/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis Officials Defend Airport Privatization Process

9/11/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Lambert privatization study spokesman says he was fired after radio call controversy

9/10/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis Airport Privatization Working Group Fires Embattled Spokesman Douglass Petty

9/7/2019 The Asahi Shimbun- Editorial: Kansai airport still not in a position to deal with a disaster

9/5/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: Airport Privatization Spokesman ‘Very Likely’ Called St. Louis On The Air Using A Fake Name

9/3/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Juan Giusti-Cordero: Puerto Rico’s airport privatization serves fair warning to St. Louis

9/1/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: The case of the mysterious radio caller adds intrigue to airport privatization in St. Louis

8/30/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: For possible Lambert privatization bidder, allegations fly over Denver project

8/22/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: What’s The Deal With Airport Privatization In St. Louis?

8/19/2019 In The Public Interest: Privatization Report: Denver ends massive public-private partnership after losses | and more

8/16/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Lobbyist leads St. Louis toward airport privatization as partner accuses him of ‘outrageous’ breach of contract

8/15/2019 Hungary Today: Gov’t Attempt to Take Back Budapest Airport Failed So Far

8/6/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: The financier who bought Stenger also has eyes on Lambert. Buyer beware.

8/6/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Krewson says Lambert privatization study will continue, despite Stenger-Sinquefield revelations

8/1/2019 KFVS: St. Louis Lambert airport to receive $5.29M grant for improvements

8/1/2019 Great State of St. Louis: What’s Governor’s Privatization Agenda in Australia?

7/18/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis comptroller, mayor clash over financing of America’s Center expansion

7/12/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Board of Aldermen Could Get Lambert Privatization Adviser Under New Proposal

7/11/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Next up for Lambert privatization: Can the city reach a deal with airlines?

7/10/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Yes, aldermen must OK Lambert airport privatization, city counselor says

7/1/2019 Reuters: French referendum proposal for ADP privatization gets 10% of signatures by July 1

6/30/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Meet the consultant who got Stenger elected, and why he’s still ‘proud’ he won

6/28/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Letter to Editor: Taxpayers should not be on the hook for NRA lobbyist’s fee

6/27/2019 St. Louis American: Refinancing airport bonds saves St. Louis $29M

6/24/2019 The GuardianFrench parties unite in call for referendum on Macron’s airports sell-off

6/24/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Letter to Editor: Don’t cherry-pick data to justify airport privatization

6/23/2019 Deconstructing the privatization scam – A very British Disease

6/17/2019 Channel 2You Paid For It- Alderwoman Spencer wants public vote over any airport privatization deal

6/12/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Past fraud conviction of city lobbyist raises questions from officials

6/12/2019 Riverfront Times: Comptroller Green Proves Her Point By No-Showing Vote for Airport Bonds 

6/12/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Mayor, comptroller clash again over Lambert Airport bonds

6/12/2019 Riverfront Times- Ray Hartmann: Privatization of St. Louis’ Airport Belongs on the No-Fly List 

6/11/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Aldermen eye lobbyist reform after report on potential conflict

6/7/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Top adviser on airport privatization faces questions for his work with the NRA

6/7/2019 The Star: Airport users to incur higher costs on privatisation- IATA

6/6/2019 St. Louis American: S&P raises rating on Lambert Airport revenue bonds, Comptroller Green projects $20M in savings from airport bond refunding

6/6/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Lambert Airport gets second bond upgrade in less than a year

6/6/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: City’s top lawyer says bill on public vote on Lambert privatization is legally flawed

6/4/2019 Channel 2: You Paid For It- Latest airport privatization study

5/29/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Lambert privatization study is slow-moving as city waits to hear from airlines

5/24/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Ex-Slay aide ends role as lobbyist but says he’s still working for firm seeking Lambert privatization contract

5/23/2019 In These Times: Public-Private Partnerships Will Never Solve America’s Infrastructure Crisis

5/23/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Funder of airport privatization effort is making money on both sides of the deal

5/22/2019 St. Louis Business Journal: Potential bidder for Lambert airport privatization appears to lose interest

5/15/2019 Blinders Off: Pigs on the Wing- The St. Louis-Lambert International Airport

5/15/2019 Riverfront Times: Airport Privatization Consultants Dodge Critics as Billings Grow

5/3/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: St. Louis Alderwoman Wants Public To Vote On Airport Privatization

4/30/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: City estimate board endorses Lambert bond refinancing plan

4/30/2019 St. Louis Public Radio: Airport Bond Refinancing Passes — After Two-Week Delay

4/19/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch– Tony Messenger: City leaders used to back airport debt reduction. Then Rex Sinquefield came calling.

4/17/2019 Riverfront Times: Comptroller Green Blasts ‘Unacceptable Scrutiny’ Over Airport Bonds in Raucous Meeting

4/17/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Comptroller accuses mayor, Reed of delaying Lambert bond refinancing to aid privatization idea

4/9/2019 St. Louis Post-DispatchFeds want records related to big Stenger contributors

3/28/2019 Riverfront TimesFAA Chief Asked JetBlue Exec to ‘Say Nice Things’ About St. Louis Airport Privatization

3/27/2019 ProPublica“Happy to Do It”: Emails Show Current FAA Chief Coordinated With Ex-Lobbyist Colleagues on Policy

3/27/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Former SLPS administrator will manage Lambert privatization communications

3/4/2019 Channel 5: Where the Board of Aldermen stand on airport privatization

3/3/2019 St. Louis Post-DispatchConsultant will advise airlines on Lambert privatization

2/22/2019 St. Louis American: Comptroller Darlene Green restates support of public vote on airport privatization

2/22/2019 St. Louis Public RadioLambert Airport Privatization Takes Center Stage At Board Of Aldermen President Forum

2/20/2019 Riverfront TimesDarlene Green: ‘It Is Arrogance for Elected Officials to Strip the Public of Its Right to Vote’

2/20/2019 Channel 2: Demonstrators gather at St. Louis airport privatization meeting

2/20/2019 St. Louis Post-DispatchReed joins city’s comptroller in favoring citywide vote on Lambert privatization

2/10/2019 St. Louis Post-DispatchEffort to privatize St. Louis Lambert International Airport could still go to vote of city residents

1/29/2019 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Editorial Board: Aldermen should revive bill to require referendum on airport privatization

1/28/2019 Riverfront Times: These St. Louis Politicians Are Pledging to Oppose Airport Privatization

1/20/2018: Channel 2 You Paid For It: Aldermen vote not to give public a say in Lambert privatization

1/17/2019 Riverfront Times: Aldermen Reject Plan to Let Public Vote on St. Louis Airport Privatization

01/14/2019 St. Louis Post-DispatchLambert extends existing vendor contracts amid privatization study

01/13/2019 Channel 2 You Paid For It: Decision on Lambert privatization could come soon

01/10/2019 St. Louis Public RadioQuestions About St. Louis Lambert Airport Privatization Go Unanswered

12/09/2018 Channel 2 You Paid For It: BOA President Lewis Reed votes to move forward with Lambert Airport privatization study

12/07/2018 St. Louis AmericanBill for public vote on airport privatization stalls; petition initiative moves forward

12/06/2018 St. Louis Public RadioPublic vote on airport privatization is grounded at City Hall

12/03/2018 Channel 2 You Paid For It: Will voters get a chance to vote Airport privatization

11/5/2018 St. Louis Public RadioDoor-to-door survey seeks residents’ views of St. Louis Lambert airport privatization

10/26/2018 UMSL Daily- Ask An Expert: Ray Mundy ponders possible privatization of Lambert airport

10/24/2018 St. Louis Public RadioKrewson rejects need for public vote on the possible lease of Lambert airport

10/8/2018 Riverfront Times– Glenn Burleigh: If St. Louis Is Serious About Airport Privatization, We Deserve Accurate Info — and a Vote

10/3/2018 St. Louis Public RadioPublic weighs in on whether residents should get to vote over leasing St. Louis airport

10/3/2018 St. Louis Post-DispatchIn first public hearing, St. Louis residents call for a chance to vote on privatizing Lambert

10/3/2018 Riverfront TimesPublic Vote on Airport Privatization to Be Focus of Aldermanic Meeting Tonight

9/25/2018 St. Louis Post-DispatchGot thoughts on privatizing Lambert? Advisers begin outreach campaign in St. Louis

9/25/2018 St. Louis Public RadioAirport group expands survey seeking input on possible Lambert privatization

9/18/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch– Tony Messenger: Lobbyist leading St. Louis airport privatization effort accused of ‘looting’ his own company

9/15/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch– Kevin Horrigan: Getting rich on that crackpot airport privatization deal

9/15/2018 KMOX RadioActivists, Aldermen Voice Concerns Over Airport Privatization Canvassing Efforts

9/15/2018 Riverfront TimesCity Hall Locks Out Alderwomen, Activists

9/13/2018 St. Louis Public RadioGroup blasts survey of St. Louis residents on Lambert as pro-privatization

9/4/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Op Ed: Lambert privatization looks like Chicago’s parking meter disaster

8/21/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Krewson dodges potholes on road toward St. Louis airport privatization

8/20/2018 St. Louis Public RadioSTLPR’s Melody Walker discusses ongoing airport-privatization saga

8/16/2018 Rockland/Westchester Journal NewsEnthusiasm wanes for Westchester airport privatization under George Latimer

8/16/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Cost to start down runway of airport privatization in St. Louis? More than $800,000 per month

8/7/2018 St. Louis Public RadioAdvisors set timetable for St. Louis Lambert privatization process

8/6/2018 St. Louis Public RadioSlay’s role as lobbyist raises questions over conflict of interest in quest to privatize airport

7/26/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Redacted pages, ignored advice and conflicts galore: Welcome to airport privatization, St. Louis style

7/18/2018 St. Louis Public RadioAirport privatization consultants delayed by unsigned contract

7/5/2018 St. Louis Public RadioLong, bumpy flight expected for team exploring privatization of Lambert Airport

7/3/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony MessengerKrewson’s ‘open and transparent’ airport privatization process stuck on taxiway

7/1/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch Letter to EditorSt. Louis should protect its moneymaker airport

6/27/2018 Riverfront TimesGroup Will Gather Signatures to Demand Public Vote on Airport Privatization

6/27/2018 St. Louis Post-DispatchFormer Mayor Francis Slay hired by company considering a bid to privatize Lambert

6/21/2018 Rex Inc Propaganda Minister on KTVIAirport advisory team making changes at Lambert Airport

6/14/2018 The Bond BuyerSt. Louis airport privatization is closer to takeoff

6/14/2018 St. Louis Business Journal: Aldermanic president pushed airport adviser contracts for campaign donors

6/13/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Top city officials vote to begin exploration of privatizing Lambert

6/13/2018 Riverfront TimesSt. Louis Hires Consultants to Explore Airport Privatization

6/13/2018 St. Louis American, Column by Comptroller Darlene Green: Privatization of St. Louis airport must be put to public vote

6/13/2018 St. Louis Public RadioAdvisory group gets go-ahead to explore privatization of Lambert Airport

6/7/2018 Travel Pulse: Airlines Urge Caution on Airport Privatization

6/6/2018 Transportation TodayGovernments should use caution when privatizing airports, IATA warns

6/5/2018 The Economic TimesAirport privatisation- Wrong to assume private sector has all answers, says IATA chief

5/24/2018 Airline Ratings: Australian Airports’ Profits Excessive Claims New Report 

5/17/2018 St. Louis Public RadioSt. Louis board puts off vote on contract to explore privatizing Lambert

5/17/2018 Riverfront TimesSt. Louis Airport Privatization Effort Goes Into a Tailspin at E&A Meeting

5/16/2018 St. Louis Post-DispatchProcess to explore privatization of Lambert stalls: ‘We can’t get started’

5/16/2018 Riverfront TimesSt. Louis Airport Privatization Consultant Contract Could Get Approval Today

4/26/2018: American ProspectPutting the Public First in Public-Private Partnerships

3/14/2018 Riverfront TimesAirport Privatization Has St. Louis Surveying an Unexplored Frontier. Who’s in the Pilot’s Seat? 

2/20/2018 NextSTLFAA accepting public comments on privatization of Lambert International Airport

2/16/2018 St. Louis Post-DispatchSinquefield’s involvement in airport privatization a nonstarter for some city aldermen

2/16/2018 St.Louis Public Radio: “Airport resolution” portion of this story- St. Louis aldermen send $50 million bond issue to mayor

2/10/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch Op Ed- Alderwoman Cara Spencer: Aviation assets- The view from 35,000 feet

2/9/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Krewson’s lament on integrity obscures serious issues with airport process

2/9/2018 St. Louis Public Radio: “Airport privatization oversight” portion of this story- City reins in plan to ban carriage rides

2/9/2018 St. Louis Post-DispatchIf St. Louis wants to make the airport private, alderman wants public hearings every 60 days

2/2/2018 KMOX‘Angry 18’ Aldermen Want Rex Sinquefield Out

2/2/2018 St. Louis Magazine- Ray Hartmann: St. Louis doesn’t have to give up its airport to tap its potential

2/2/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch Op Ed- Francis G. Slay: We should explore airport’s untapped potential

2/1/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: King Rex clears the chess board as he plots his Lambert privatization strategy

2/1/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Krewson pushes back on criticism surrounding Lambert privatization

1/31/2018 NextSTL -Alderwoman Cara Spencer: Lambert Airport by the numbers

1/30/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch Letter to Editor: Sinquefield group’s input is a foregone conclusion

1/30/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch Letter to Editor: Include city residents in decision on Lambert

1/30/2018 St. Louis Post Dispatch Letter to Editor: Private company probably would be more efficient

1/30/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial: The fix is in for privatization of Lambert airport

1/30/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: More than half of St. Louis’ aldermen call for rejecting Sinquefield-affiliated firm as airport consultant

1/30/2018 Riverfront Times: 18 Aldermen Ask City to Stop Contract with Grow Missouri for Airport Lease

1/31/2018 (Updated) St. Louis American: Sinquefield-funded nonprofit lands consulting firm contract

1/26/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Sinquefield-affiliated Grow Missouri among firms selected to advise on privatizing Lambert

1/19/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis aldermen call for transparency as city considers privatization of Lambert 

1/19/2018 St. Louis American: Why did St. Louis hire a more expensive lobbyist with less experience? Jeff Aboussie’s team gets city contract through scarcely public process

1/18/2018 KMOX: Aldermen, Experts Debate Pros And Cons Of Lambert Privatization 

1/17/2018 Riverfront Times: St. Louis Airport Consultant Would Only Get Paid If Privatization Goes Through 

1/16/2018 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Critic calls St. Louis airport privatization ‘a very bad deal.’

12/15/2017 New Airport Insider: This is Why No Airport Privatization in the U.S.

10/9/2017 Next City: St. Louis Could Be New Testing Ground for Airport Privatization

10/1/2017 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis begins to weigh potential benefits, risks of privatizing Lambert

9/20/2017 The Bond BuyerSt. Louis looking for advisors on airport privatization

9/18/2017 St. Louis Post-DispatchSt. Louis officials seek advisers to guide possible privatization of Lambert

8/3/2017 Huffington-PostBillionaire’s Plan To Sell A Publicly-Owned Airport Is A Lesson In Trumponomics

7/18/2017 St. Louis Public RadioWhat are the ups and downs of making Lambert Airport private?

6/29/2017 St. Louis AmericanPruitt vows the NAACP will monitor privatization process at St. Louis airport

6/18/2017 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: In St. Louis, revolving door goes from City Hall to Lambert

6/14/2017 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Slay’s former chief of staff joins Sinquefield firm

4/29/2017 St. Louis Post-Dispatch- Tony Messenger: Is St. Louis leaving the future of its airport to a coin flip? 

4/25/2017 St. Louis Post-Dispatch & KTRS McGraw Milhaven Show- Messenger: What do airport efforts and ethics spat have in common? Need for transparency. 

4/24/2017 St. Louis Public Radio: FAA accepts initial application for Lambert privatization

4/24/2017 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: St. Louis gets FAA go-ahead to explore privatizing airport management 

3/23/2017 St. Louis Post Dispatch- Slay wants to look at putting Lambert airport under private management