Sunday 7th Ward School Board Forum Canceled

cancelleddlAnnouncement on 7th Ward Independent Democrats website.


Airport Privatization Updates

stlnotforsalelogoProp V Initiative Petition for Public Vote on Airport Privatization
You can sign Prop V Petition…
Noon-2 pm Saturday @ St. Louis Not For Sale HQ, 3202 S Grand, upstairs
1-4 pm  Sunday @ 7th Ward School Board Candidate Forum, Nadine’s patio, 1931 S 12th
6-8 pm Wednesday @ St. Louis Not For Sale HQ, 3202 S Grand, upstairs

You can also volunteer at HQ on Saturday afternoons and Wednesday evenings to collect Prop V Petition signatures from your friends and neighbors. 

Board Bill 93 for Public Vote on Airport Privatization
Upcoming Hearings
10 am Saturday, October 13th BOA Transportation Committee Public Hearing on Board Bill 93 @ St John the Baptist Parish, 4200 Delor – Public Transit #10 Gravois + 5 block walk
6:30 pm Monday, October 15th BOA Transportation Committee Public Hearing on Board Bill 93 @ Greater Pentecostal Church, 6080 West Florissant – Public Transit #74 Florissant

Past Recent Hearings/Meetings…
Video of Wednesday/October 3rd BOA Transportation Committee Hearing on Board Bill 93
Video of 9/25 Meeting of BOA Transportation Committee and Airport (Privatization) Advisory Working Group

Members of the BOA Transportation Committee: 19th Ward Alderwoman Marlene E Davis, Chair; 25th Ward Alderman Shane Cohn, Vice-Chair; 2nd Ward Alderwoman Lisa Middlebrook; 4th Ward Alderman Sam Moore; 14th Ward Alderwoman Carol Howard; 21st Ward Alderman John Collins-Muhammad; 23rd Ward Alderman Joseph Vaccaro. Board President Lewis Reed is a voting member of all committees. Contact Information for Members of Board of Aldermen and Board President.

Airport (Privatization) Advisory Work Group
Upcoming Meeting…
1 pm Tuesday, October 9th Airport Advisory Working Group Meeting @ 1520 Market. Open to the Public.

Most Recent Meeting…
Video of 9/25 Meeting of Airport Advisory Working Group without BOA Transportation Committee

Airport Advisory Working Group – Voting Members & Contact Info
Mayor Lyda Krewson
Comptroller Darlene Green (member of Airport Commission)
Board President Lewis Reed (member of Airport Commission)
City Budget Director Paul Payne
Advisory Working Group – Non-Voting Members & Contact Info
Airport Director Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge (works for mayor)
19th Ward Alderwoman Marlene Davis (Chair of BOA Transportation Committee)
City Counselor Julian Bush (works for mayor)

Lambert Airport Commission
Next Meeting…
2 pm Wednesday, November 7th @ Lambert Airport, Lindbergh Conference Room
Previous Meeting…
Video of 9/5 Meeting with Airport Privatization presentation not on Agenda

Federal Aviation Administration
You can make comments on Airport Privatization to the Federal Aviation Administration here.
You can read previous comments here.

Lambert Airport Privatization News & Commentary Feed (2017-Present)
Updated with three local news stories this week.

Attorney General’s Office Asks Highway Patrol To Investigate License Collector

I have received a copy of the letter from Missouri Attorney General’s Office to Missouri Highway Patrol, the AG’s investigator, regarding the Political Corruption complaints against License Collector Mavis Thompson. Also enclosed were copies of other complaints on the same matter.



The investigation is an important step toward holding License Collector Mavis Thompson accountable.  These types of complaints usually are dismissed within a few weeks.

Each of us filing the Political Corruption complaints had previously received a letter from the Attorney General’s Office regarding the intent to forward the complaint to the Highway Patrol.

My complaint was filed August 3rd. I cited two laws broken. One on release of protected information and the other an Ethics violation, using public office for personal gain.

I recently blogged on how this could end with a Republican License Collector appointed by the Governor and serving for four years because there is no Special Election for License Collector when there is a vacancy.

License Collector timeline: history of election, appointment, removal/vacancy from 1950-Present.

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

Airport Privatization News Feed Updated

The Airport Privatization News & Commentary Feed has been updated with three news stories.

You can sign the St. Louis Not For Sale Prop V Petition for a Public Vote on Airport Privatization

10:30 am to 2 pm Saturday @ Soulard Market. Look for people with clipboards.

11 am till ? Saturday @ Fiesta Patrias on Cherokee. Look for the booth.

Noon to 2 pm Saturday @ St. Louis Not For Sale HQ, 3202 S Grand, upstairs

10 am to 1 pm Sunday @ Nadine’s, 1931 S 12th. Ask for Marie. She’ll also have Voter Registration Applications.

6-8 pm Wednesday @ St. Louis Not For Sale HQ, 3202 S Grand, upstairs


Who Will Run 2020 Delegate Selection To Be Decided @ Saturday Meeting

democratic_party_logo2 pm Saturday, September 15, 2018
Missouri Democratic Party 1st Congressional District Committee
Normandy City Hall, 7700 Natural Bridge
Public Transit: #4 Natural Bridge
Open to the Public

This is a committee of all the Democratic Party ward/township committeemen and committeewomen in St. Louis City and St. Louis County with precincts within the 1st Congressional District. The primary function of this committee is to nominate a candidate for special election in the event of a vacancy in the 1st Congressional seat. However, in 2020, the officers will also run Democratic National Convention Delegate Selection at the 1st Congressional District level.

Agenda: This is the statutory Reorganization Meeting held every two years. Election of 2018-2020 Officers will include Chair and Vice-Chair from among Committee Members who live withing the District (one male, one female) and a Secretary and Treasurer from within the District (one male, one female) who may or may not be Committee Members.

It is assumed that Congressmen Lacy Clay’s supporters will run a slate of candidates for the officer positions.

Weighted voting may be used: one vote for each two thousand (2,000) votes or major fraction thereof cast for the Democratic candidate for Governor in the last Gubernatorial election in the Ward or Township within the Congressional District. Every member gets at least one vote.

Applicable State Party By-Laws

Applicable State Laws 

Officers and Committee Members

License Collector History Since Juggy Hayden

Truth1950: 3rd Ward Committeeman Joseph T. “Juggy” Hayden (White Democrat) elected License Collector.

1954: License Collector Juggy Hayden re-elected despite his first of many bad audits and newspaper exposes.

1958: License Collector Juggy Hayden re-elected despite being the first city office to, apparently, Ban the Box. A Grand Jury report noted 10 License Collector employees had criminal records ranging from liquor license violations to embezzlement.

1962: License Collector Juggy Hayden re-elected.

1964: 8 License Collector employees convicted of forging auto sticker applications.

1966: License Collector Juggy Hayden re-elected to most people’s surprise, including Hayden’s. His own staff worked on the campaigns of his opponents. He walked to bridge to commit suicide on Election Night. A devout Catholic, he stopped himself, went home and to bed early, woke up to banging on his door. He had won.

1969: License Collector Juggy Hayden dies.

1969: Governor Warren Hearnes (White Democrat) appoints 21st Ward Committeeman Benjamin Goins (Black Democrat) to fill License Collector vacancy. Goins had run for Sheriff in 1968 and lost.

1970: License Collector Benjamin Goins elected to full term.

1974: License Collector Benjamin Goins re-elected.

1977: License Collector Benjamin Goins wins a Special Election for Sheriff and resigns as License Collector. Sheriff Raymond Percich (White Democrat) elected Comptroller resigns as Sheriff.

1978: Sheriff Benjamin Goins convicted of corruption, lying to a grand jury, and income tax evasion while as License Collector, and removed as Sheriff by quo warranto petition.

1978: 20th Ward Alderman Lawrence Woodson (Black Democrat) appointed License Collector by Governor Joseph Teasdale (White Democrat).

1978: License Collector Lawrence Woodson elected to full term.

1982: 82nd District State Representative Billie Boykins (Black Democrat) elected License Collector.

1982: License Collector Lawrence Woodson, who did not seek re-election, dies at the end of his term.

1986: License Collector Billie Boykins re-elected.

1989: License Collector Billie Boykins removed from office by quo warranto petition for willful violation and neglect of duty following a State Audit showing millions of dollars not collected for the City.

1989: John C. Palazzolo (White Republican) appointed License Collector by Governor John Ashcroft (White Republican).

1990: License Collector John C. Palazzolo resigns to seek treatment for cancer less than four months after appointment.

1990: Steven Doss (White Republican) is appointed License Collector by Governor John Ashcroft. Doss had earlier filed to run against 3rd District Congressman Richard Gephardt (White Democrat), then Majority Leader.

1990: License Collector Steven Doss defeated in election for full term by Tom Nash (White Democrat).

1994: License Collector Tom Nash re-elected.

1997: License Collector Tom Nash resigns

1998: Gregory F.X. Daly (White Democrat), aide to Board President Francis Slay (White Democrat), appointed License Collector by Governor Mel Carnahan (White Democrat).

1998: License Collector Gregory F.X. Daly elected to full term.

2002: License Collector Gregory F.X. Daly re-elected.

2006: 19th Ward Alderman Michael McMillan (Black Democrat) elected License Collector. License Collector Gregory F.X. Daly elected Collector of Revenue.

2010: License Collector Michael McMillan re-elected.

2013: License Collector Michael McMillan resigns to become President of Urban League.

2013: Former Circuit Clerk Mavis Thompson (Black Democrat) appointed License Collector by Governor Jay Nixon (White Democrat).

2014: License Collector Mavis Thompson elected to full term.

2018: License Collector Mavis Thompson wins Democratic Primary. Office of Attorney General (and U.S. Senate Candidate) Josh Hawley (White Republican) announces Complaint against Thompson regarding release of protected information for personal gain will be investigated by Missouri Highway Patrol.