Round 3 – General Election 2016 Presidential Poll

Round 1 Results     Round 2 Results

And now it is time to make a General Election Choice between Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republican Rand Paul.

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Round 2 – 2016 Presidential Primary

Round 1 Results.

Now, it is time for the Run-Off Polls. Vote in the Democratic Candidates Poll or the Republican Candidates Poll. One. Not Both. Honor System. The winner from each Party’s Poll will move on as their party’s nominee to Round 3 – The 2016 Presidential Election.

Democratic Party Run-Off

Republican Party Run-Off

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– Marie Ceselski

Round 1 – 2016 Presidential Poll

voteboxMissouri and Illinois will hold their Presidential Primaries on Tuesday, March 15, 2016.

Based on the New York Times List (as of May 4) of Democratic Party and Republican Party Announced and Probable Candidates for President of the United States, which of the following candidates would you vote for Today. Vote once for one. Other and Unlikely to Vote for a Democrat/Republican are options provided. The top three candidates or Other from each Party will advance to the next round.

Democratic Party Candidates

Republican Party Candidates

FINALS: 2017 STL Mayor Poll

voteboxVote once before 6 pm Wednesday, April 8th.

Round 4, 2017 STL Mayor Poll

Vote once. Top two winners advance to Finals against Gregory F.X. Daly and Tishaura Jones.

Round Three, 2017 STL Mayor Poll

Vote Once. Top Three will advance to Round Four.

2017 Mayor Poll, Part Two

voteboxVote Once.