SLPOA Does Not Support Public Safety Sales Tax Hike

Because someone forgot, it’s all about them.

“We are not signing off on an agreement that doesn’t include significant raises and full funding of Sergeants overtime. If the Mayor’s office thinks that we are going to support a sales tax on the ballot without an enforceable agreement on competitive wages, she’s simply lost touch with reality. We’re not going to spend our political capital to pass another sales tax where—at best—only about 1/3 of the money will be for police raises….without any guarantee. We will not mislead voters that this is pro-police measure. To accept the terms currently offered by the Mayor would be a slap in the face to every member and would be nothing more than a lie to the voters we are sworn to protect and serve. We will stand firm. Remember, every member will have the opportunity to vote on any deal we reach with the City before any contract becomes final.” 

“We are also planning rallies and an aggressive media campaign to drive our message home. Stay tuned for more on that.”

“This fight is far from over and we need everyone’s participation. This is no time to be complacent.”

“We need to show the Mayor and other elected officials that they woke a sleeping giant.”

-St. Louis Police Officers Association Executive Board


20 Democratic Candidates Have Accepted Money From St. Louis Police Officers Association PAC In 2016, So Far

SLPOAUPDATED with 8-Days Before Primary contributions.

According to April, July, and 8-Days Before Primary campaign finance reports filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission, St. Louis Police Officers Association PAC has made 30 campaign donations to date in 2016:

3 checks to other PACs
1 check to a St. Louis City Democratic Ward Organization 

28 checks to 24 candidates
20 Democrats and 4 Republicans
10 Candidates from St. Louis City, 5 from St. Louis County
2 Statewide Candidates
17 candidates for Missouri Legislature

Receiving $1,000 or more from SLPOA in 2016, so far, are St. Louis City Circuit Attorney candidate Mary Pat Carl, Governor candidate Chris Koster, St. Louis City 7th Ward Alderman Jack Coatar, and St. Louis City Comptroller Darlene Green.

$2,000: Citizens for Mary Pat Carl (St. Louis City, Democrat, candidate for Circuit Attorney) – 6/29/2016

$1,250: Koster for Missouri (current Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, Democrat, candidate for Governor) – $1,000 3/7/2016, $250 6/1/2016

$1,000: Coatar for St. Louis (current 7th Ward Alderman Jack Coatar, Democrat, St. Louis City) – 1/27/2016
$1,000: Missouri Fraternal Order of Police PAC – 1/28/2016
$1,000: Darlene Green for Comptroller (current Comptroller, Democrat, St.Louis City)

$800: Anne Zerr for Missouri (current 18th District State Representative, Republican, St. Charles County, candidate for 23rd District State Senator) – $500 3/7/2016, $300 6/27/3016

$750: Committee to Elect Jon Carpenter (current 15th District State Representative, Democrat, Clay County) – 6/1/2016

$700: Vaccaro for Sheriff Inc (current 23rd Ward Alderman Joe Vaccaro, Democrat, St. Louis City, candidate for Sheriff) – 7/18/2016

$500: Friends of Fred Wessels (former 13th Ward Alderman, Democrat, St.Louis City, current candidate for 81st District State Representative) – $400 4/27/2016, $100 6/16/2016
$500: Silvey for Missouri (current 17th District State Senator Ryan Silvey, Republican, Clay County) – 5/26/2016
$500: Committee to Elect David Gregory (St. Louis County, Republican, candidate for 96th District State Representative) – 6/29/2016

$300: Jerome Burke Election Committee (St. Louis County, Democrat, candidate for 69th District State Representative) – 3/24/2016
$300: Peter Meredith for Mo Progress (Democrat, St. Louis City, candidate for 80th District State Representative) – 5/24/2016

$250: Hensley for Missouri (Teresa Hensley, Democrat, candidate for Missouri Attorney General) – 1/28/2016
$250: Roberts for St. Louis (Steven Roberts II, Democrat, St. Louis City, candidate for 77th District State Representative) – 2/9/2016
$250: Lavender for State Rep (current 90th District State Rep Deb Lavender, Democrat, St. Louis County) – 4/11/2016
$250: Berg for Change (Karen Berg, Democrat, Jefferson County, candidate for 113th District State Representative) – 6/9/2016
$250: Friends for Travis Barnes (Democrat, St. Francois County, candidate for 117th State Representative) – 6/29/2016

$200: St. Louis Labor Council AFL-CIO Project 2000 – 2/15/2016
$200: Citizens for Donna Baringer (current 16th Ward Alderwoman, Democrat, St. Louis City, unopposed candidate for 82nd District State Representative) – 2/15/2016
$200: Robert Stelzer Campaign Fund (Democrat, St. Louis City, withdrew as candidate for 80th District State Representative, candidate for 10th Ward Committeeman – 2/15/2016
$200: Voters for Susan McClintic (Democrat, Boone County, candidate for 47th District State Representative) – 5/25/2016
$200: Citizens for Vicky Lorenz Englund (current 94th District State Representative and Lindbergh School Board Member, Democrat, St. Louis County) – 6/13/2016
$200: Citizens for Shane Roden (current 111th District State Representative, Jefferson County, Republican) – 6/30/2016

$100: Joshua Peters for the 76th District (current 76th District State Representative, Democrat, St. Louis City, unopposed for re-election) – 3/24/2016
$100: Citizens for Patricia Yaeger 6th District County Council (former 96th District State Representative, Democrat, St. Louis County, candidate for St. Louis County Council) – 4/26/2016
$100: 9th Ward Democratic Organization (St. Louis City, associated with 9th Ward Committeewoman Pat Ortmann and 9th Ward Alderman Ken Ortmann) – 7/20/2016