Vote No On Prop A Body Cam Scam

PropAballot2Proposition A is Rex Sinquefield’s unconstitutional proposal to abolish the Recorder of Deeds and spend alleged cost savings on police body cameras. Proponents contend that monies mandated by state law for records preservation at the Recorder’s Office will be available for body cams. It won’t. Proponents contend that monies mandated for technology services and hardware for the Recorder’s office will be available for body cams. It won’t. Proponents contend that a sitting elected official can be transferred to a civil service position under the Assessor and her duties transferred to the Assessor without giving the Assessor the title of Recorder. It cannot happen. This ballot issue is a wet hot mess that needs to be defeated.

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— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman


Vote Yes on Prop C City Resident Preference for Civil Service Jobs

propcEnabling Legislation (for the ballot): Board Bill 227 

Adding 5 points (or 1 point if Veteran’s Preference Points applicable) to an applicant’s score is a small way to reward civil service applicants who are already committed to City living. It’s only for tested positions, won’t affect management hiring.

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

Vote No On Prop 2 Use Tax for Soccer Stadium


Enabling Legislation (for the ballot): Board Bill 226

Companion Legislation Financing Statement (not on ballot): Board Bill 290

Prop 2 is a Use Tax* to be dedicated to building a soccer stadium.

Say NO to spending the Use Tax on corporate welfare instead of public services.

Say NO to a deal that we don’t know how much it will actually cost. There is NO agreement between City and MoDOT for free or cheap land for the project.

Say NO to a deal heavily promoted via its companion Finance Statement (Board Bill 290) — which may be amended by Board of Aldermen. What you see in the campaign literature may not be what you get.

Say NO to the City owning a third stadium we cannot afford. Bills are coming due on The Dome and Scottrade and the City faces a $20M budget deficit on public services.

Say NO to pie in the sky economic benefit projections.

Say NO to a Community Betterment Agreement did not involve community input.

Say NO to a major project without regional shared responsibility.

*Prop 2 Use Tax is connected to Prop 1 Sales Tax. When sales tax increases, then Business Use Tax increases by same percentage. The Business Use Tax applies to City businesses that buy goods outside Missouri. It currently generates $30M used for public health, affordable housing, and public safety. The Prop 2 Use Tax would generate about $4M a year. If Prop 2 Fails and Prop 1 passes, the City would spend the additional funds as needs/wants dictate. If Prop 1 Fails, Prop 2 also fails regardless of the vote.

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

Vote No on Prop NS Property Tax Hike



Initiative Petition posted at end.

This bond is a bond issue by initiative petition which, if it passes, will be paid for with increased property taxes.

Say NO to a property tax increase that does not say “tax increase” on the ballot and to the initiative petition drive in which signature gatherers lied and said there was no tax increase involved.

Say NO to a bond issue and tax increase which was not vetted by the Board of Aldermen.

Say NO to a tax hike on the eve of  the City needing to find solutions to a $20 Million budget deficit.

Say NO to creating more funding for the St. Louis Development Corporation, an independent city agency with major transparency issues.

Also, be aware that former Mayor Vincent Schoemehl has been spearheading this proposal from the beginning, invested at least $1000 to the Prop NS campaign committee, and loaned the committee another $1350.

Is funding the stabilization of structures and reducing demolition by neglect a worthy cause? Yes.

Are there some very dedicated, earnest people working for passage of this ballot issue? Yes.

But this is neither the right proposal nor the right time to pass a tax hike.

Vote No on Prop NS.

– Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman
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