The Myth Of Turnout For McCaskill In St. Louis City

In a New York Times article, U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill says she did not have a problem getting Democrats to vote for her.

Let’s look at the numbers here in St. Louis City.

McCaskill received 91-97% of the vote in 11 of 28 Wards in the City. She received 83-89% in another 9 of 28 Wards. In 6 Wards, she received 70-77% of the vote. She was under 70% in 2 wards.

Unfortunately, the wards which voted the highest percentage for McCaskill were the lowest turnout wards. The wards which voted the least percentage for her were among the highest turnout wards.

Many Black Voters stayed home. Everybody needs to admit that and figure out why.

The number of votes rather than percentage are what really counts. When you look at that, you see that it was a mistake for McCaskill to GOTV in St. Louis Hills while ignoring strong Democratic Party constituencies in Black wards.

Did McCaskill do well in parts of St. Louis City? Sure. But we needed a strong turnout in all the wards, not just some.

Let’s look at the data. Let’s reflect on what needs to change.

We don’t need the Democratic Party and its candidates to move to the Right. We need it to appreciate its base, including Black Voters. Let’s actually try it and see what happens.

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman





Saturday Sen. McCaskill Town Hall

claire9 am Saturday, January 27, 2018
Town Hall Meeting with U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill
Emerson Center, Harris-Stowe University
Open to the Public

The Senator will take written questions from the audience.

1/25/2018 St. Louis American: McCaskill to host town hall at Harris-Stowe on Saturday