Democratic Party Delegate Selection Meeting Info Still A Big Secret

We were told that the locations for Thursday’s Delegate Selection Caucuses/Mass Meetings would be posted on the MDP website.

We were told that the per ward/township/county delegate apportionment per candidate for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton would be posted on the MDP website.

Delegate Selection is four days away and those promises have not been fulfilled.

mdpformInstead, if you go to the MDP website and click on 2016 Delegate Selection, then click on Find Your April 7 Mass Meeting Location, you end up with an online form.

It’s just a way for MDP to collect your name and email address so they can spam you with fundraising requests.

When I used the online form, MDP sent me a list of possible locations 240 miles away in Independence, Missouri.


The only way for you to find out the location of your Thursday Democratic Party caucus/mass meeting is to A) have seen your local meeting notice in the classifieds of a local newspaper; B) belong to an organization, or find an organization/person, more helpful than MDP (for example,  7th Ward Independent Democrats posted the locations for St. Louis City wards online  last weekend).

As for apportionment of delegates to be selected Thursday- delegates/alternates per Bernie Sanders and Clinton- MDP has given that information to the person running each meeting and feels no obligation to make it public.

There is no way to verify anything related to Delegate Selection.

The Missouri Democratic Party is in a shambles. Chairman Roy Temple needs to resign, resign as in yesterday.

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– Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman