Donate To #TakeItDownSTL And I Will Match Up To $25 Per Donation

takeitdownI will match all donations up to $25 to the #TakeItDownSTL Forest Park Confederate Memorial Fund made from 8 am Saturday, June 3rd through 8 am Wednesday, June 7th.

Treasurer Tishaura Jones started this fund and it is our job to finish the job and reach the $25,000 goal.

Make your $5, $10, $25 donations, or more, to the #TakeItDownSTL Fund and I will match the amount to $25.

I also challenge those with more means than I to make a matching funds pledge for amounts greater than $25.

Cemeteries of our enemies must be respected. But the Confederate Memorial at Forest Park is not a grave stone to those who fought and fell supporting the wrong side of a war. It is a public park memorial to defenders of enslavement.

The Confederate Memorial was part of a systematic attempt to rewrite the history of the Civil War without, “the great and foul stain”* of enslavement,” while also instilling fear that the South would rise again.

The Civil War tore our nation apart and we should never forget how close we came to complete collapse and ruin because men, women, and children, rich and poor, took up arms against our nation to defend enslavement.

The Confederate Memorial is a glorification of treason. Following orders is never a justification for doing wrong.

By donating to the #TakeItDownSTL Fund, we stand together united as citizens of these here United State of America committed to righting the wrong that is the Forest Park Confederate Memorial.

Some good online reading material relating to Confederate Memorials:

05/23/2017 The New York TimesMitch Landrieu’s Speech on the Removal of Confederate Monuments in New Orleans

05/29/2017 Associated PressOld South Confederate monument backers cite 1929 book claiming Lincoln, ‘vindictive’ anti-slavery movement caused Civil War by Jay Reeves

06/04/2017 The AtlanticThe Myth of the Kindly General Lee by Adam Serwer

06/04/2017 The HillRemoving Civil War statues the first step in finally defeating the Confederacy by Maya Rockeymoore

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

*John Quincy Adams

Peculiar Forest Park Advisory Board Meeting Notice

questionThere’s a meeting notice on the City online Calendar for a 4:30 Thursday Meeting of the Forest Park Advisory Board.

I believe this is the first such online meeting notice for this Board, which I never heard of before.


There is a webpage for the Forest Park Advisory Board on the Forest Park Forever website.

But, other than generic meeting information, there is nothing else about the Board or its business- no posted Meetings Agendas, Minutes, or even the names of who is on the Board.

According to the City Code, Section 3.96, The Forest Park Advisory Board is appointed by Mayor with approval of Board of Aldermen.

According to the City Code, this body has enormous oversight responsibilities regarding Forest Park and, yet, there is no information on its members or the business conducted. Transparency is severely lacking here.

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

Join Me for May 21st Seedling, Plant, Houseplant Swap Happy Hour

Sorry. We had to move this to May 21st.

Don’t throw out the extra seedlings in the tray/pack.

Don’t throw out the extra plant(s) from re-potting plants/houseplants.

Don’t leave that nice plant pot in the alley or let it collect dust in the basement.

Bring your extra seedlings/plants and no longer wanted nice plant pots to the 7th Ward Belated Earth Day Seedling & Plant Swap Happy Hour and swap for something you do want or need.

We’ll also be giving out Free Seeds (Marigold, Butterfly Weed, Cilantro, etc.) and have Voter Registration Applications.


Vote No On Prop A Body Cam Scam

PropAballot2Proposition A is Rex Sinquefield’s unconstitutional proposal to abolish the Recorder of Deeds and spend alleged cost savings on police body cameras. Proponents contend that monies mandated by state law for records preservation at the Recorder’s Office will be available for body cams. It won’t. Proponents contend that monies mandated for technology services and hardware for the Recorder’s office will be available for body cams. It won’t. Proponents contend that a sitting elected official can be transferred to a civil service position under the Assessor and her duties transferred to the Assessor without giving the Assessor the title of Recorder. It cannot happen. This ballot issue is a wet hot mess that needs to be defeated.

More on Prop A
— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

Vote Yes on Prop C City Resident Preference for Civil Service Jobs

propcEnabling Legislation (for the ballot): Board Bill 227 

Adding 5 points (or 1 point if Veteran’s Preference Points applicable) to an applicant’s score is a small way to reward civil service applicants who are already committed to City living. It’s only for tested positions, won’t affect management hiring.

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

Vote No On Prop 1 Eco Devo Sales Tax

Prop1Enabling Legislation (for the ballot): Board Bill 227

Say NO to regressive sales tax. City sales tax is already one of the highest in state. If Prop 1 passes, the sales tax in City will be 9.179% to 11.68%, depending on location and special taxing districts

Say No to raising taxes for to be decided economic development needs/wants. No funds are earmarked by percentage for the purposes promoted. If passed, the money can be appropriated for anything falling under economic development, including maintenance of The Dome or Scottrade (“upgrade the city’s infrastructure”).

Say No to more public funds being managed by yet another appointed board unaccountable to voters. This one would have 2 appointees from School Board, 5 appointees from Mayor, 2 appointees from Board of Aldermen

Say No to a tax that would raise no more than a drop in the bucket for Metrolink Expansion and obviously Metrolink Expansion is just the bait to get you to vote for it.

Say No to a proposal that supporters say would raise money for MetroLink expansion with no conversation about improving bus service.

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman

Vote No On Prop 2 Use Tax for Soccer Stadium


Enabling Legislation (for the ballot): Board Bill 226

Companion Legislation Financing Statement (not on ballot): Board Bill 290

Prop 2 is a Use Tax* to be dedicated to building a soccer stadium.

Say NO to spending the Use Tax on corporate welfare instead of public services.

Say NO to a deal that we don’t know how much it will actually cost. There is NO agreement between City and MoDOT for free or cheap land for the project.

Say NO to a deal heavily promoted via its companion Finance Statement (Board Bill 290) — which may be amended by Board of Aldermen. What you see in the campaign literature may not be what you get.

Say NO to the City owning a third stadium we cannot afford. Bills are coming due on The Dome and Scottrade and the City faces a $20M budget deficit on public services.

Say NO to pie in the sky economic benefit projections.

Say NO to a Community Betterment Agreement did not involve community input.

Say NO to a major project without regional shared responsibility.

*Prop 2 Use Tax is connected to Prop 1 Sales Tax. When sales tax increases, then Business Use Tax increases by same percentage. The Business Use Tax applies to City businesses that buy goods outside Missouri. It currently generates $30M used for public health, affordable housing, and public safety. The Prop 2 Use Tax would generate about $4M a year. If Prop 2 Fails and Prop 1 passes, the City would spend the additional funds as needs/wants dictate. If Prop 1 Fails, Prop 2 also fails regardless of the vote.

— Marie Ceselski, 7th Ward Democratic Committeewoman